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Castle PlacementSM modernizes the capital markets by connecting companies with private equity + venture capital investors and lenders in a private on-line marketplace.

We are experienced investment bankers with significant personal relationships using the latest technology to deliver effective results in raising capital.

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Helping Great Companies Grow

Castle Placement.

  • Experienced investment bankers
  • Over 27,000 institutional, private equity, venture capital and strategic investors, family offices, pension funds, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and lenders
  • Delivery using the latest technology
  • Raise capital and obtain loans from $5 million to $200 million

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Helping Great Companies Grow

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Featured Transaction:

Meet Barry Honig, CEO – TruckPay

TruckPay – Enterprise software for earth moving logistics industry

  • Manages the logistics of and payment for moving earth, sand, gravel and other heavy construction materials
  • Seeking $4 million in equity to support continued product development, staffing, sales and marketing
  • TruckPay automates the entire process through its cloud-based platform, enabling construction companies, dirt subcontractors and material suppliers to work directly with independent earth-moving owner/operators and subcontractors
  • CEO Barry Honig has years of relevant experience both as a former owner of an earth-moving logistics business and technology manager


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