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Helping Great Companies Grow

* Certain closed deals were placed through StoneCastle Securities, LLC

Helping Great Companies Grow

Looking to obtain the right business capital? We can help.

  • Raise capital or find loans for your middle market company
  • $5 million to $1 billion in all industries/geographies
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning accurately matches investors with companies
  • CPGO – proprietary app connects companies with investors in real time
  • Robust, data-driven, deal flow technology facilitates information flow, negotiations, documentation, and closing
  • Experienced investment bankers: extensive relationships and structuring experience
  • Over 64,500 investors – private equity, venture capital, strategic, family offices, pension funds, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and lenders
Helping Great Companies Grow

Webinar: FinTech and Investment Banking Technology – Castle Placement/Debevoise Plimpton

Topics focus on:

  • FinTech disruption and what the legal impact might be for financial services companies
  • how the financial services landscape is being transformed by the widespread adoption of financial technology
  • how to structure transactions in response to an evolving regulatory framework

Capital Madness

  • Capital Madness I – WeWork
  • Capital Madness II – CUNY Startups & Amazon
  • Capital Madness III – LinkedIn
  • Capital Madness IV – University of Michigan
  • Capital Madness V – University of Michigan

CPGO NetworkSM – cutting edge app

Matches private companies raising debt and equity capital with targeted institutional lenders and investors

  • best matching technology
  • granular investment criteria
  • over 64,500 institutional investors
  • investor contact information
  • automated emailing
Helping Great Companies Grow

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Helping Great Companies Grow

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Featured Transaction:

Meet Steve Bucuvalas, CEO – Phase Change Software

Phase Change Software LLC plans to commercializes its Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology to radically improve the efficiency of software development.

  • Disruptive technology – true paradigm shift in how software is developed, maintained, modified, tested and shared – driving potential generational economics
  • Long-term structural solution to the productivity deficits of global IT industry, by driving continuous, exponential improvements in software development productivity – “Moore’s Law for Software”
  • Relevant to all programming languages, industries and use cases – initially focusing on COBOL
  • AI understands and interprets software for developers, and collaborates like an expert co-worker
  • Established proof of concept with the Depository Trust and Credit Corporation (DTCC)


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