2018 Unicorn Market

In 2018, 53 new companies reached Unicorn status, up 83% from 2017 (CB Insights).  

Most of these companies were US-based. Although the US still dominates the Unicorn market by number of companies, 48% percent of the market value were from non-US Unicorns. China has become the second largest Unicorn market – 30% of the global market.

The number of Unicorns is growing at an unprecedented rate – people are calling it the “unicorn baby-boom.” Many investors are looking for opportunities to invest at the pre-IPO stage, hoping to realize outsized early-stage returns. Non-traditional venture capital firms, sovereign wealth funds, private equity and mutual funds have all become substantial players in the Unicorn market.

Leading the way in creating, in 2018 SoftBank raised around $100 billion for its Vision Fund, and Sequoia Capital closed the first round of its $8 billion global growth mega fund.

It will be interesting to see how some of the mega planned IPOs (Uber, Lyft, etc.) perform. This new venture capital investment segment will be watching with particular interest.

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