American Banker: 20 FinTech Companies to Watch

American Banker: 20 FinTech Companies to Watch

  1. Ripple: Develops software protocol underpinning a decentralized network for value transfer.
  2. IdentityMind Global: Fraud prevention, transaction monitoring, AML/KYC tools, sanctions screening.
  3. Trunomi: Lets financial institutions and customers create digitized sets of personally identifiable information and securely manage and share them. This accelerates and simplifies onboarding.
  4. Feedzai: Detects fraud in e-commerce by analyzing merchant, card and bank transaction data.
  5. Fenergo: Manages client, counterparty data; helps institutions comply with regs such as AML/KYC throughout client relationship.
  6. Gro Solutions: Helps banks refine onboarding for online, native apps and mobile browsers.
  7. nCino: Provides a cloud-based, Salesforce-hosted system for underwriting loans and onboarding treasury management clients.
  8. Moneythink: Provides an app banks can license designed to educate low-income teenagers and young adults (ages 16 to 24) about financial concepts.
  9. InAuth: Authentication through a combination of mobile device identity, mobile transaction analysis, browser fraud detection and risk scoring.
  10. Intellaegis: Provides real-time interfaces into the credit bureaus as well as public record repositories such as Lexis-Nexis to instantly gather thousands of pieces of data on individuals whom auto lenders or their service providers have lost touch with.
  11. Iovation: Tries to identify trustworthy customers through combination of device identification, device-based authentication and real-time risk evaluation.
  12. Mambu: Provides cloud-based core banking software for microfinance lenders and banks that want to expand into new markets through digital channels.
  13. Untapt: Connects software developers to banks and other companies looking to recruit.
  14. Gigaspaces Technologies: Provides middleware for deployment, management and scaling of mission-critical applications in cloud environments.
  15. Leadfusion: The vendor’s latest product, Branch Selling, aims to improve the customer interaction in the branch by using a shared screen customers can see and a guided sales approach that should create a more effective experience.
  16. AcceptEmail: Presents customers’ bills or payment reminders on their phone, tablet or PC via email or text message, and allows payment with one click.
  17. BioCatch: Watches customers’ behavior on websites and in mobile apps to verify identity.
  18. Avoka: Streamlines the new account opening process.
  19. Addepar: Offers software that helps investors and advisors make the complex world of finance easy to dissect.
  20. Zenbanx: This mobile-first, multi-currency account lets customers make domestic and international funds transfers and handle foreign currency exchange.

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