Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banking

Artificial intelligence is becoming a game changer in investment banking.

Barclays is developing an AI system for customers to speak to a device to receive transaction information.

UBS recently announced that is using robots on the trading floor to improve trader’s performance.

JP Morgan recently introduced AI technology, COiN (Contract Intelligence), a platform designed to “analyze legal documents and extract important data points and clauses”.

Alphasense is using natural language processing to look through transcripts and presentations to find certain data – investment bankers can also use similar software to comb through data while preparing pitch books.

Goldman Sach’s cash equities trading desk replaced 600 employees (in 2000) with just three utilizing technological advances including AI.

Castle Placement is also using cutting-edge AI to match institutional investors with middle market companies that are raising private equity and debt capital.

Castle Placement is an investment bank (founded in 2009) that raises equity and debt capital for companies in a variety of industries from our institutional investor network. Castle Placement’s proprietary app, CPGO, connects companies with investors in real time. It has over 64,500 private equity, venture capital and strategic investors, family offices, pension funds, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and lenders.


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