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Reg D 506 (c)

No Size Limitations on Capital Raise

Accredited and Institutional Investors Only

Launch as fast as 1 week

3rd party upfront costs: Minimal

Reg A+

Raise up to $75 million each year.

Non-Accredited, Accredited and Institutional Investors

Launch in approx. 6 months

3rd party upfront costs: $100,000 – $150,000

Reg CF

Raise up to $5 million per year

All Investors (Focus on Non-Accredited Investors)

Launch in approx. 4 to 6 weeks

3rd party costs:         Low

Helping Great Companies Grow

Castle Placement provides sophisticated technology and bulge bracket investment banking expertise with a personalized touch

Helping Great Companies Grow

Castle Placement has raised billions of dollars for our clients.

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Helping Great Companies Grow

Capital Raising Process

We become your capital raising team

  • Involved throughout the entire process, from initial strategic and financial review, to successful close
  • Transaction process is carefully orchestrated to create and maintain a competitive environment, minimize demands on management, assist in negotiating with the investor(s), and ultimately secure capital that best fits clients’ needs and objectives
  • Provide you with objective advice, guidance, and realistic expectations for terms and deal timing
  • You have access to CPGO – cutting edge app 
    • monitor all phases of your capital raise
    • proprietary AI investor matching technology
    • message investors and track their interest
    • access investor profiles and contact information

Strategic and Financial Review

  • Review preliminary marketing materials, business plans and financial models
  • Perform detailed due diligence to understand and develop the investment thesis for the business
  • Identify and address any company-specific issues and weaknesses
  • Evaluate potential business models in tandem with investment thesis and potential investors
  • Plan processes and timing of Pre-Market Preparation, Marketing, and Execution phases

Marketing Plan 

  • Create and/or modify marketing materials, business plans and financial models
  • Systematically screen the universe of investors to a focused set of lead, non-lead, strategic and/or crowd investor
  • Create email, LinkedIn, Facebook and other Digital Media campaigns
  • Recommend other professional service providers, industry experts, strategic partners and company personnel


Institutional and Accredited Investors

  • Send teaser and call targeted lead, non-lead and strategic investors to foster initial investor interest
  • Identify and have serious investors sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Arrange investor calls with management
  • Send business plan and financial model to investors or grant access to online data room
  • Arrange face-to-face investor/management meetings
  • Drive competitive process to ensure best terms for Company
  • Breakdown quantitative and qualitative terms to optimize investor selection
  • Negotiate term sheet with lead investor

Non-Accredited Crowd Investors

  • Provide a team to help you launch your offering
  • Form C (Reg CF)
  • Campaign Page Build, Perks, Strategy
  • Help run your advertising campaigns
  • Home Crowd Advantage  


  • Negotiate and structure final definitive agreement
  • Facilitate and monitor investor due diligence*
  • Review final offering materials (offering memorandums, subscription agreements, etc.)
  • Assist with closing/funding


Offering Preparation and Compliance

  • Broker Dealer: Member | FINRA, SIPC
  • Licensed in all 50 states
  • Document Reviews
  • SEC Filings & Communication Support
  • Investor KYC-AML*
  • Facilitate and Monitor Investor Due Diligence*

* Institutional and Accredited Investors

Helping Great Companies Grow

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Helping Great Companies Grow


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