Helping Great Companies Grow


The grand finale of CPGO CompSM I, a capital raising bracket tournament sponsored by Castle Placement and WeWork, took place on May 31st at WeWork-Times Square.

Throughout the tournament some of WeWork-Times Square’s best companies pitched their businesses on Castle Placement’s website, as if they were presenting to investors to raise capital. The contestants were all great companies poised for growth.

Thousands of online voters narrowed the field in on-line voting from May 17th through May 24th. The four finalists pitched at the grand finale, a well-attended live WeWork-Times Square event. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served, and attendees enthusiastically participated, including a spirited Q&A session.

Each finalist presented their company, opportunity, and strategy to a panel of judges from Blackrock, Fortress, KCK, WeWork and Castle Placement, and the audience (live, and-live streamed via Facebook). At the end of the event the judges and audience (voting on their phones via the Castle Placement app) selected Techmate, a growing company that provides fast, friendly, and affordable on-demand support to offices and homes in as little as two hours.

The grand prize was free access to CPGO Prime, Castle Placement’s full-service capital raising service. Semi-finalists won free exposure on the CPGO Network which provides a three-month capital listing on Castle Placement’s website, 100 targeted investors with contact information, and access to CPGO (Castle Placement’s proprietary capital raising app).

Stay tuned for CPGO CompSM II.

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    Eligible Companies

    • great companies poised for growth
    • located at WeWork-Times Square
    • seeking $1-$50 million of capital
    Helping Great Companies Grow


    No securities are issued in connection with CPGO Comp. This is a hypothetical contest. No capital is being raised, and no securities are being offered or sold, in this contest.

    Helping Great Companies Grow

    Everybody is a Winner!

    Grand Prize: CPGO Prime

    • free Castle Placement’s full-service capital raising services
    • (value: 3-8% of capital raised)

    Semi-Final Prizes: CPGO Network

    • access to CPGO – Castle Placement’s proprietary Capital Raising App
    • 100 targeted investors with contact information
    • capital listing on Castle Placement’s website
    • (value: $1,000)

    All Competitors:

    • capital listing on Castle Placement’s website


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