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Helping Great Companies Grow

Capital MadnessSM #2

sponsored by Castle Placement,

Amazon, and CUNY

  • capital raising bracket tournament
  • students/entrepreneurs from CUNY pitch their business ideas
  • on-line voting 4/22 through 4/30 for the Final Four

Live Final Four finale event pitch and winner

  • 5/3 at Amazon Loft – 350 West Broadway
  • entry prizes: free listing on castleplacement.com
  • champion prize: free CPGO Network – capital raising services from Castle Placement   
  • judges: event attendees via mobile app, prominent institutional investors (PE firm, VC firm, etc.), a CUNY representative, and a Castle Placement representative

Contestant Requirements

  • sign-up and complete application – deadline 3/20
  • if accepted in contest, submit 5-page investor presentation – deadline 4/5


  • overview of the company
  • opportunity
  • solution/Strategy
  • bios for the management team (if applicable)
  • uses of funds

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(deadline: 3/20)

Helping Great Companies Grow


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