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Capital MadnessSM #3 – Sponsored by Castle Placement and WeWork

  • capital raising tournament

  • entrepreneurs from WeWork pitch their business ideas

  • on-line voting determines Final Four

Live Final Four Finale Event Pitch and Winner Selected

  • at WeWork – 1460 Broadway (17th Floor)

  • entry prizes: free listing on

  • champion prize: free CPGO Network – capital raising services from Castle Placement   

  • judges: event attendees via mobile app, prominent institutional investors (PE firm, VC firm, etc.), a WeWork representative, and a Castle Placement representative

Contestant Requirements

  • sign-up and complete application by Friday, June 14th

Application – Five Slides

  • overview of the company

  • opportunity

  • solution/strategy

  • bios for management team

  • uses of funds

Website Link

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Helping Great Companies Grow

News from Capital Madness #1:


No securities are issued in connection with Capital Madness. This is a hypothetical contest. No capital is being raised, and no securities are being offered or sold, in this contest.

Helping Great Companies Grow


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