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Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banking

Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banking Artificial intelligence is becoming a game changer in investment banking. Barclays is developing an AI system for customers to speak to a device to receive transaction information. UBS recently announced that is using robots on the trading floor to improve trader’s performance. JP Morgan...

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SFIG Vegas 2017 Conference – Synopsis

The Structured Finance Industry Group had their SFIG Vegas 2017 Conference at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas from February 26th to March 1st  – around 7,000 ABS market professionals attended including investors, issuers, financial intermediaries, regulators, law firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers and...

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Risks Associated with Crowdfunding

Fundraising with online crowdfunding platforms can be rewarding but there are risks and still many open questions. Beyond the obvious concern of fraud or misleading information provided by companies, many believe the “wisdom of the crowd” in often highly technical, early stage businesses is flawed. Many believe without a...

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The Potential Impact of “Brexit” on FinTech

FinTech leadership across the United Kingdom is expressing concern that the “Brexit” vote may have a meaningful and negative impact on start-ups that operate throughout countries remaining within the European Union. The digital payment marketplace faces significant risks, with digital transfer payments that now easily move across borders highly...

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Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

How does artificial intelligence fit into the fintech sector? Well, technology seems to be the answer to lower costs and efficiency. Most recently, Wealthfront, Venmo and Sentient Technology have added AI capabilities to their products. AI has enabled these companies to analyze customer data to create better strategies. Although...

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Fintech Investing / Capital Markets + Wealth Management – January 2016 Capital Raises

DAO Raises Over $100 Million

FinTech Investing 1. Gusto (fka: ZenPayroll) $50mm Series C  (12/18/15) – Not Disclosed 2. NextCapital $16mm Series B  (12/17/15) – AllianceBernstein; Manulife Financial Corporation; Route 66 Ventures 3. Trulioo $15mm Growth  (12/14/15) – American Express Ventures; BDC Capital; Blumberg Capital; Tenfore Holdings 4. FinTech Group $11mm Growth  (12/14/15) –...

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KPMG FinTech 100

KPMG FinTech 100

Fintech 100: KPMG and H2 Ventures issued the leading 50 established fintechs and the next 50 emerging stars Key Insights Funding boom – The Fintech 100 companies have collectively raised in excess of US$10 billion. Fintech is now truly a global sector – The list is comprised of 40...

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Fintech: Forbes – FinTech 50

Fintech: Forbes - FinTech 50

  Forbes named their FinTech 50: ACORNS – App links to debit and credit cards, rounds up each purchase to nearest dollar, investing extra pennies in a portfolio of ETFs. ADDEPAR – Cloud software lets advisors analyze and manage all of a client’s assets, including hedge funds and private...

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