5 Reasons to use CPGOapp.com – fast, inexpensive way to connect with investors and lenders

provided by Castle Placement  – the premier private capital investment bank

  • matches institutional investors/lenders for your company
  • granular investment criteria and precise matching technology
  • 64,500 investors and lenders
  • contact info (email, Linkedin, website, phone, address, portfolio info, AUM, etc.)
  • automated emailing
  • first 10 matches are free

Why CPGOapp?

  1. super easy and fast – most user’s select their first 5 matches in under 5 minutes
    • 1st, answer 10 questions or less (2 minutes)
    • 2nd, select your investor or lender connections (10 seconds per connection)
    • 3rd, click on the email and/or LinkedIn URL or call connection (timing varies)
  2.  high-quality matches
    • matches are based on granular data from over 64,500 investors and lenders
    • criteria has been tested using over 10 years results from Castle Placement – the premier private capital investment bank
  3. inexpensive
    • 5 matches are free for signing up
    • another 5 matches are free if you share this post on your LinkedIn
    • each additional match is between $3-$5 depending on how many CAPs you purchase – one CAP per match – CAPs are our term for credits
  4. increases your odds of success
    • capital raising is a numbers game – to increase  and receive best terms, you need to go out broadly to qualified investors
  5. saves time (and we mean a lot)
    • each match comes with a significant amount of relevant information (email, Linkedin, website, phone, address, portfolio info, AUM, etc.) – when available
    • automated emailing makes the process even easier

Get your first 10 free matches today – click on CPGOapp.com – no credit card needed


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