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Energy Efficient Carbon Fiber


$9 Million

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Common Stock

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4M Fiber Corp. (“4M”) is seeking $9 million to launch production of its patented, revolutionary, fiber manufacturing technology.

Our process lowers the oxidation energy required by 75% and reduces greenhouse gasses emitted from the carbon fiber conversion process

We can increase output threefold while reducing upfront capital cost of a new line by 50% and ongoing operating expenses by 30%

Our technology can utilize low-cost raw materials to produce industrial grade carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber

can transform





Carbon Fiber is Too Expensive

Carbon fiber is a miracle material applicable to many industries, but with current methods it is too expensive, too slow, too capital intensive, and uses too much energy


Carbon Fiber is Too Scarce

Carbon fiber has the potential to transform many critical sectors due to its combination of high strength, light weight, and corrosion resistant properties, but demand has now exceeded supply


Our method solves both problems!

Our technology dramatically reduces the cost and increases the availability of carbon fiber. 4M’s technology will also enable the production of carbon fiber products that are currently not economically feasible at industrial scale, resulting in widespread adoption of our technology, which in turn will dramatically increase the global supply of and demand for carbon and oxidized fiber



Low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber will allow widespread use of carbon fiber reinforcement in infrastructure applications

Using carbon fiber can greatly reduce the amount of concrete needed and make bridges and other structures and lasts longer with reduced maintenance

Wind Energy


Currently the largest consumers of industrial

grade carbon fiber are wind turbine producers

High growth is projected in offshore installations where there are

no blade length limits, and there is currently

not enough carbon fiber available to meet this need



Carbon Fiber has slowly penetrated all means of transportation,

but only in niche or low volume applications

Our technology will change this

Pressure Vessels


Low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber will allow

greater proliferation of pressure vessels

Carbon fiber pressure vessels can store much greater

amounts of hydrogen or natural gas than metal tanks

Our Core

Technology is

Our Oven

Instead of the standard hot air convection oven approach, we utilize a proprietary plasma system that creates more chemical reactivity to accelerate the process

And we still only need electricity and air

How do we get there?


Over $10M in DOE funds and $7M+ in private funds completed R&D and established fiber processing metrics at the 3 ton/year scale and hardware engineering at the 175 ton/year scale



We are now seeking an additional $9M to build and operate a 250 ton/year oxidized fiber line which will enable us to sell OPF and demonstrate at scale for licensing



After we begin operations, we will raise an additional $9M to expand the plant to 1000 ton/year


Only the Beginning


Once our production business is established and the technology is demonstrated at scale, we will leverage our position to completely disrupt the oxidized and carbon fiber markets through production and partnerships with raw material producers and major industry players











Management Team

Doug Mentzer | President/Director/Founder

Business leadership and development as well as investor engagement and financial management

Chairman of 4M’s technology partner, 4XTechnologies (a technology R&D company with the team that co-invented the plasma oxidation technology along with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and was instrumental in fundraising, finance, and strategic development for both companies

Career entrepreneur with significant experience in leadership, business development, and investment management

Truman Bonds, PhD | Chief Technology Officer/Director/Founder

Leads the technical effort

Served as President and Director of R&D at 4XTechnologies – duties included development of several new key technologies based on proprietary Plasma technology (and others) in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

PhD from the University of Tennessee

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