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4M Carbon Fiber Corp. (“4M”) is seeking $18 million to launch production of its patented, revolutionary, fiber manufacturing technology.

Environmentally friendly, high-capacity method of manufacturing carbon and oxidized fiber with an overall production cost 30% lower than current industry standards and up to 50% reduced capital cost for a new conversion line

Revenue will come from three sources

    • fiber sales
    • technology use licensing
    • sales of proprietary plasma oxidation equipment

This revolutionary new method of carbon fiber production will lower energy costs and capital and operational expenses, while enabling the production of fiber products that are currently not economically feasible at industrial scale

Deep industry experienced executive and technology team in place – $7.4 million raised to date to fully develop the technology and IP protection with multiple patents in place in US, EU, Japan and South Korea



Carbon fiber has the potential to transform entire sectors of our economy due to its combination of high strength, light weight, and corrosion resistant properties – despite its current high expense limiting it to small parts applications – demand has caught up to available capacity and supply limitations

4M has discovered and patented technology that dramatically lowers the energy costs and Cap-X associated with current industry standard stabilization processes – 4M’s process is 3X faster and uses 75% less energy, resulting in much greater throughput

In addition to reducing the cost of existing carbon fiber applications, 4M’s technology will enable the production of carbon fiber products that are currently not economically feasible at industrial scale, resulting in widespread adoption of 4M’s technology which in turn will dramatically increase the global supply of and demand for carbon and oxidized fiber

4M will stand up a technology demonstration and production capacity plant to enable new and existing carbon fiber manufacturers to adopt this technology through a licensing model – this plant will also produce oxidized PAN fiber (OPF, a flameproof textile fiber) for direct sales to end users



The significant reduction in cost and improvement in production efficiencies will position 4M’s carbon fiber technology to play a part in revolutionizing the transportation, energy and infrastructure markets and yield tremendous benefits to the environment and humanity – 4M’s carbon attributes open potential high-volume applications

4M expects be the first to market with a new carbon fiber manufacturing technology in an industry that uses 40-year-old methods. The only current alternative to 4M’s technology is the continued use of conventional oxidation technology that has been in the industry since its inception – the use of conventional oxidation technology is the primary cause of the current cost and availability constraints


Management Team

Doug Mentzer


Business leadership and development as well as investor engagement and financial management

Chairman of 4M’s technology partner, 4XTechnologies (a technology R&D company with the team that co-invented the plasma oxidation technology along with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and was instrumental in fundraising, finance, and strategic development for both companies

Career entrepreneur with significant experience in leadership, business development, and investment management

Truman Bonds, PhD

Chief Technology Officer/Director/Founder

Leads the technical effort

Served as President and Director of R&D at 4XTechnologies – duties included development of several new key technologies based on proprietary Plasma technology (and others) in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

PhD from the University of Tennessee


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