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A to B Robotics is seeking a $16 million convertible note to automate middle mile logistics using the Pegasus Autonomous Rail System (Pegasus). Pegasus is designed to move single, over the road trucks on rail using a fully autonomous level 5, patented engine and sleeper car.

Reasons to invest:

  • Increased revenue by keeping trucks moving during the mandated driver 10 hour resting period


  • 35% lower cost of operation than driving trucks conventionally on road


  • Lower accident rate, fewer tickets, and bypass for congestion in major cities


  • MOU with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to develop the Pegasus units in KSA, including technical and financial support





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In the battle between flexible versus efficient overland freight – flexible won. Highly flexible road systems transport 65% of all overland freight vs rail at 10%.

Trucking is responsible for most of the overland freight movement in the US, with the market valued at $791 billion in 2021.

Poor working conditions have created a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers in the US.

Major efficiency losses exist within the trucking market:

  • US government mandated 10-hour rest period each day – a 41% loss
  • Bad weather and traffic congestion – a 10% loss

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Autonomous trucks may not solve the problem

The market needs to benefit from the flexible road systems and the efficient rail systems by utilizing the 90% unused capacity of the rail system and still benefit trucking.

Autonomous trucking is a proposed solution, however 90% of trucking companies are small operators that likely do not have the capital to purchase driver automation or electric trucks.

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Solution and Strategy











Pegasus Autonomous Rail Systems will combine the power and efficiency of rail and the convenience of trucking to move cargo quicker, cheaper, safer and in a more environmentally friendly way.


The Pegasus unit keeps the truck, trailer, and driver moving during the 10-hour driver rest period.


  • Powered by electricity and renewable energy sources


  • Easy to use on-line booking services


  • Fully autonomous level 5 vehicle


  • Requires no capital expenditures from customers


This will improve poor delivery times caused by delays from driver rest period, road congestion, rail terminal dwell times; while reducing transportation costs, vehicle wear and tear, improving rail utilization, and limiting carbon emissions and accidents.

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Pegasus Base Unit

The platform design of the base unit is adaptable to transport multiple vehicle types, including wheeled vehicles such as commercial tractor trailers and construction equipment.

Consists of a front cabin that can accommodate up to 6 personnel and is equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, sleeping bunks, and seating.

The Pegasus platform allows for rapid deployment of vehicles and their operators to critical events and easy loading and unloading at mini-ramp facilities strategically placed along the rail tracks.




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Pegasus Boxcar Unit

One Pegasus Boxcar unit can carry a load equivalent to that of seven commercial tractor trailers.

The automated boxcar unit will transport goods directly between the manufacturing facility and the warehouse.

The boxcar unit will also be used to facilitate a point-to-point delivery system, leaving local trucks with the task of carrying the loads across town to their destination.

Transportation at a fixed cost under a yearly contract.




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How It Works









Usage is scheduled via app up to eight hours in advance.

Truck is loaded onto a Pegasus unit at a Pegasus depot.

Driver eats and sleeps in the Pegasus unit.

Pegasus unit travels 700 miles to the next Pegasus depot and truck offloads.

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Trip Timeline


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Pegasus Depot










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Trip Comparison


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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia








In alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, A to B Robotics signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Industrial Development Center to explore construction of the Pegasus vehicle factory in the country.

The Automotive Cluster under the Ministry of Industry has agreed to locate a funding source to provide A to B Robotics with the requested $200 million to get the Pegasus Autonomous Rail System underway.

Site Footprint: 700 acres (283 Hectares)

Factory Size: 2 million Sq. Feet (185,806 Sq. Meters)

Total Production Lines: 10

Lifespan: 30 years

Total Project Cost: $3.5 billion (USD)

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Jeremiah Heaton – CEO, Founder

Serial entrepreneur and advocate for industrial, commercial and environmental safety.

Holds multiple United States Patents and has developed lifesaving technologies for the industrial and transportation sectors.

Bachelor of Science in Social Policy from Longwood University and MBA from Western Governors University.

Dr. Sawsan Gad – CRO

Geospatial Data Scientist with nine years of experience in sectors of Development Data, Disaster Risk Management (DRM), and Monitoring and Supervision for Fragile and Post-conflict Countries at the World Bank Group, UNDP, and the Egyptian Ministry of State for Administrative Development.

Co-founder of, an online platform for combatting sexual harassment. Her project was featured in the UNESCO 2020 Best Apps Created by Women for Women.

M.A. in Demographic and Social Analysis from the University of California, Irvine (2008), and is a current Ph.D. student of Earth Systems and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University.

Dr. James Baker – CTO

Computer programming experience spanning over 40 years; includes fluency in over 20 languages.

Currently serves as a Professor on the Virginia Governor’s Cyber Security Advisory Board.

Designed custom neural networks to automate tracking and identification of deep-sea “targets of interest” as an R&D scientist for Bell Labs.

Applied Machine Learning to automatic sensor understanding for autonomous robotics guidance control system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry from King University.

M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Vanderbilt in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Genetic Algorithms).


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