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FinTech Merchant Financing Platform


$15 Million

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Equity/Convertible Note

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AccrueMe is seeking $15 million to grow its unique eCommerce financial ecosystem that finances Amazon merchant growth through its advanced technology platform.  AccrueMe provides success-based funding to successful growing eCommerce merchants

Provide Amazon Sellers that use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) $10,000 to $1,000,000 to accelerate growth with no fees, interest, or loss of equity – merchant’s pay AccrueMe back from a share of incremental profits

Amazon generated $490 billion in US retail sales in 2020 (third-party merchants accounts for 61% of those sales)

AccrueMe capital has grown 100% in the last six months through 100+ initial merchants. Merchant sales during that time totaled $20 million with a run rate of $100 million by Q1 2023

Strong growth is anticipated through organic expansion within Amazon’s FBA and non-FBA segments. Strategic acquisitions and JVs are also planned to optimize capabilities and accelerate growth


AccrueMe’s primary market is Amazon’s third-party sellers which constitute 1.7 million active sellers in the US – 2.5 million globally. The Third-Party marketplace approximates 65% of Amazon’s $469.8 billion in annual sales or approximately $300 billion globally

Marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Shopify are growing rapidly with total eCommerce sales in 2020 of $4.29 trillion

AccrueMe’s secondary markets will include Walmart with 60,000 merchants, Shopify with 830,000 merchants, eBay (US) 7 million merchants, Etsy 3.7 merchants and many more, totaling 11+ million potential customers

In 2021, 60,000 third-party sellers exceeded $1 million in sales and 76% were profitable. Roughly 3,700 new sellers join Amazon every day

Sellers are earning high ROI but share a common problem – lack of capital to grow

Solution/ Strategy

AccrueMe’s platform provides data driven investment and risk management

Analyzes the inventory of an Amazon merchant in real time through an API to determine profitability and expected turn time on a SKU-by-SKU basis

Day to Day management of capital exposure – not to exceed 50% of seller’s qualified assets

Merchant must be profitable selling via Amazon FBA for 6+months


Eric Kotch – CEO & Co-Founder

Has experience in various entrepreneurial ventures, including mortgage banking, direct response marketing, celebrity wines and microcap finance

A graduate of the Wharton School and Penn Law and a member of the New York State Bar Association



Ben Kotch – President & Co-Founder

An active Amazon seller and advises thousands of Amazon business owners through affiliation with Algo Online Retail

Responsible for million-dollar Google & Facebook Ad budgets and over $5 million of training and consulting revenue in the last 3 years

Advisor to the e-commerce/ retail divisions of the two largest family-run conglomerates in Mexico

Graduated from Bentley University with a BSc. in Managerial Economics and Entrepreneurship



Donald Henig – EVP & Co-Founder

Former president of 3 of 4 divisions of American Home Mortgage, a NYSE listed company with 7,000+ employees

Led teams funding well over $100 billion in mortgage financing

Produced eight feature films and the Broadway show Rock of Ages, among other entrepreneurial ventures



Sam Kotch – COO & Co-Founder

Helped raise capital for hundreds of early-stage companies and entrepreneurs

Also launched and sold consumer products both online and in brick-and-mortar stores

Co-founder of Algo Holdings that provides training, software, and consulting to over 5,000 third-party Amazon Sellers in English and Spanish

Holds a B.S. in finance and an MBA from Bentley University


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