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Adventure 2 Learning (A2L) is seeking $1.7 million of equity to scale business over the next stage of traction within 12-18 months to accomplish the following:

The implementation of robust digital and content marketing strategies to grow subscribers, sponsorships, and distribution opportunities.

Update unique streaming platform to further enhance AI and UX capabilities

Produce 5 new episodes of own IP and cover costs associated with acquisition and licensing fees

Videos are vetted and aligned to standards in core subjects, enabling teachers to quickly identify engaging content for classroom-based physical activity lessons


Post-pandemic – elementary schools have downsized staff, starting with PE teachers – leaving it up to classroom teachers to fill the void

Classroom teachers are turning to free and non-vetted sources (like YouTube) to fill in these gaps – leaving students exposed to non-age-appropriate physical activities

Requires extra time out of teacher’s day to curate videos across multiple sources and align to lessons

Turnkey Solution

A “Netflix” style in-school streaming solution that empowers teachers to quickly and easily identify engaging fitness & well-being content for classroom-based lessons

All content on platform has been vetted for grade-level validity and meets standards for physical activity and SEL requirements

Tackles issues with childhood obesity/sedentary behavior and mental and social-emotional wellness through fun and adventure

Gives teachers back time in their day! 

Management Team

Dr. Jenny Delfin, Co-Founder

Cardiologist with extensive experience across diverse patient populations.  Hired by NYU Langone to build a multidisciplinary practice in Wall Street, which she helped grow over 10 years. As a graduate of one of the most-competitive public schools in the U.S. (Stuyvesant HS) and mother of two young children, Dr. Delfin contributes primarily with academic content, particularly, health, science, and diversity.  Accelerated college/medical degree from NYU & Mount Sinai.

Deni Mazzei, President

Started working with Adventure to Fitness as the program was launching in its initial schools. Has held a range of roles and responsibilities, primarily focused on school marketing and customer relations. Instrumental in AtoF’s rapid growth throughout schools, helping expand it to over 25,000 schools. Demonstrated success within in the health, wellness, and education sector, as well as established customer network will help launch and scale the A2L platform. Bachelor’s degree in Management from Andrews University.

Deborah Pierson, Vice President, Content Acquisition & Distribution

Former president of Genius Brands Networks and VP Sales & Marketing for Kabillion.  Helped launch and scale several of the leading video streaming platforms for children, bringing a wealth of knowledge and contacts.  Business law degree from University of Illinois.

Adventure 2 Learning
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