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Afficient Academy, founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, is an online educational platform that offers courses in math and English for students in grades K-12. Curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Designed to help students improve their academic performance and build strong foundations in core subjects using next gen technology


  • Over 15,000 students are using Afficient Academy’s K-12 products, which have a proven track record of excellent results with over students in the individual consumer market used the products


  • 2022 revenue: >$7 million


  • Patented AI-powered learning method boosts learning efficiency and quality in K-12 math and English language arts, giving students a cutting-edge advantage


  • State-of-the-art approach to identifying and filling skill gaps – students can build a rock-solid academic foundation that delivers outstanding results up to 5X faster than traditional methods


  • Introducing personalized learning solutions to private and public schools, and after-school institutions to help fill students’ learning gaps and improve academic performance


  • Teaching new material and addressing skill gaps is a persistent challenge for educators in schools


  • Current platforms fall short in identifying and filling all skill gaps efficiently


  • Vast potential market of $6 billion, including all public and private schools, after-school programs, and individual consumers


  • Afficient Academy offers schools a foundation license to bring students up to grade level by thoroughly and efficiently filling skill gaps through individualized learning


  • No need to alter the regular class schedule or increase teacher workload- teachers monitor and supervise individualized learning during class time


  • Diagnostic test identifies starting grade and thoroughly screens for skill gaps, using AI-powered optimized learning path and systematic review mechanisms


  • Patented methodology allows students to achieve excellent results at starting grade, then move up grade by grade


  • Students can upgrade from a foundation license to an individual license with individual consumer license fee, advancing beyond their school curriculum and thereby achieving higher GPAs and better college placement
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