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Property Technology

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Attorney Opinion Letter Platform


$5 Million

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Alita Group is seeking $5 million to grow the only platform that produces a fully insured, GSE-compliant alternative to title insurance, an insured Attorney Opinion Letter (AOL). 

  • First-mover in the new market for title alternatives 


  • Saves consumers thousands of dollars on closing costs 


  • Capital will be deployed to enhance the platform, accelerate sales/marketing, ramp up lobbying and PR, and fund working capital 


  • As the primary driver of GSE adoption and the only provider of a fully compliant, fully insured attorney opinion letter, Alita is positioned to replace title insurance in an estimated 20% of all purchase and refinance transactions, or approximately 1.2 million transactions annually


  • The average annual US mortgage origination volume over the past ten years is approximately $2.5T, according to the Housing Finance Policy Center


  • Alita is positioned to replace title insurance in a minimum of 20% of all US mortgage transactions


  • Serviceable Addressable Market of $507 billion – 1.1 million transactions annually based on the Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s average purchase loan amount of $444,100


  • Alita expects to capture approximately 0.28% of the total market in 2024, or approximately 19,000 transactions for total revenue of $4.6 million


  • By year three, Alita hopes to capture 6% of the total market, which equates to approximately 413,000 transactions and total revenue of $37 million


  • With AOLPro, Alita is not only introducing a new product to the market, but is creating a new market with multiple entry points and distribution channels to support an unlimited number of market participants


  • The unique components of the AOLPro platform were built over a four-year period and refined in collaboration with agencies, GSEs, and lenders – not easily or quickly replicated


  • The depth of expertise, together with scalability for competitive pricing, incentivizes participants in a buy vs. build analysis to license the AOLPro platform rather than develop their own
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