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Allen & Calabro is seeking $25 million to acquire interests in meritorious, commercial litigation claims

  • Litigation finance assets provide diversification and are non-correlated to traditional investments

  • For nearly a decade, the Allen & Calabro principals have worked collaboratively as a team in commercial litigation against economically superior opponents


The litigation finance industry is still nascent, and most commercial litigation funders seek cases with greater than $20 million in hard, estimated damages


  • Most American commercial litigation funders focus on larger cases, ignoring smaller target cases, thereby creating significant opportunities

  • Estimated market penetration by number of cases filed is < 1%

  • Industry literature reports that “Demand for litigation financing continues to grow with no sign of slowing down”


  • Pursue overlooked, smaller, meritorious cases with less than $20 million in estimated damages

  • Expect to fund multiple cases and work with multiple plaintiffs’ lawyers, general counsels and chief financial officers


James S. Allen, Jr., Esq.

CEO, founder and leader of nationally acclaimed enterprises in law, investment banking and real estate after serving as a Navy defense counsel, prosecutor and judge; honored as a “Champion of Change-Veteran Entrepreneurship” at the White House

J. Toji Calabro, Esq.

CIO, a Stanford Law graduate. For almost two decades, has successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants across the nation in a broad array of complex commercial matters; including approximately a decade at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, and another eight years at plaintiff-side, contingency-fee boutiques focusing on complex commercial litigation matters

James S. Allen, III

CFO & COO, a Naval Academy graduate with a Johns Hopkins’ Masters in Finance, served in ground combat in Iraq, on hazardous duty in the Arabian Gulf and at the Pentagon managing an $800 million fund before entering the civilian sector as the CFO of a multi-million-dollar startup. Later becoming the COO of a 1,000-employee company owned by a NYSE listed entity

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