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Sponsor is seeking $10 million to advance its direct-to-consumer digital commercial real estate investment platform for non-accredited investors

Management team has deep experience in commercial real estate investing and crowdfunding, mobile and digital product design, and marketing

Company democratizes access to private REITs ($1T existing asset class)

Non-traded private REITs perform well against public market volatility, providing stable current income and capital appreciation (inflation hedge)

Helping Great Companies Grow


Majority of millennial demographic wants to invest in real estate, but don’t know where to start or how to choose an investment

Millennials are expected to assume control over as much as $68 trillion in wealth in the next ten years, deploying significant capital to real estate investment

Millennials are conditioned to access financial products over a digital interface, without human contact / intervention

2021 saw the most capital inflow ever for non-traded REITs ($36.5 billion), with 2022 projected to be even higher

Legacy non-traded REIT distribution is via commission-based financial advisors, lower cost and more broadly accessible direct-to-consumer is the new distribution channel

Helping Great Companies Grow


Sponsor makes private REIT shares available to everyone

Customers buy shares on the Sponsor platform, a clean, intuitive and familiar digital portal

Sponsor team finds, acquires and manages low-risk, well-performing commercial real estate for the REIT portfolio

Helping Great Companies Grow

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