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Mortgage Banking

Company Type

Independent Mortgage Bank


Up To $50MM

Investment Type

Debt/ Acquisition Line of Credit/ Equity


AnnieMac Home Mortgage (“Company”) is seeking $30-50MM capital to pursue strategic growth opportunities

Founded in 2010, AnnieMac is a NJ based independent mortgage bank (IMB) providing residential mortgage loan origination, servicing, support, and value to clients, partners, and the community

Since 2011, AnnieMac has funded over $32BB in mortgage loans

Well-capitalized and with a talented management team, AnnieMac is pursuing growth both organically and inorganically to increase market share and achieve greater economies of scale

Inorganic growth strategy will include acquisition of strategic assets, high producers, and branch acquisitions.


Over the past two years, elevated interest rates and limited home inventory has caused mortgage origination volumes to drop by over 60% nationally

Mortgage companies which were under-capitalized or lacked the right management skills necessary to traverse these challenging conditions, are available at valuations not seen since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/09

This has created a generational opportunity to rapidly grow market share through opportunistic acquisitions of deeply discounted companies and related assets

AnnieMac has identified several such large and midsized acquisitions targets with additional quality regional opportunities in pipeline. Some of these can be engaged immediately


Target for acquisition, a select subset of mortgage banks and companies with strong loan origination capabilities

Target regional sales teams that are producing the right mix of product at the necessary net margins

Execute on a growing queue of already identified big and small targets, that are ready and willing to onboard

Goal is to become a Top 20 mortgage originator and servicer by end of 2025

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