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  • Arabella Capital, LLC (“Arabella”) is seeking $16 million of equity to fund eight Build-to-Rent (B2R) projects in Atlanta, GA. Sponsor is investing $5.25 million (pari passu with investor)
    • relatively higher returns, lower maintenance costs and longer tenant stays
    • B2R neighborhoods are relatively more recession resistant than traditional home builds
  • Founded in 2018, Arabella owns, operates and develops residential and commercial real estate in Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Chicago
  • Focused on under-supplied real estate markets
    • long-term broker relationships
    • high-demand markets due to population and job growth
    • several ripe projects in pipeline
  • Management team has extensive operational commercial and residential real estate experience
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  • U.S. housing is in short-supply and out of reach for many young people
    • real problem for individuals and families trying to secure housing for rent or purchase
  • Multi-family acquisition opportunities
    • under-performing multi-family properties with below-market rents and high expense levels
  • Atlanta, GA is a very strong market with high growth and demand for housing
    • 1,700 individuals per week are moving into the Atlanta market, adding to already growing demand for housing
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  • Build-tor-Rent (B2R)/Sell is an emerging asset class typically consists of newly build rental homes
    • popular reflecting relatively higher returns
    • B2R neighborhoods are relatively more recession resistant than traditional home builds
  • Under-supplied real estate markets
    • focused in Atlanta, GA and select markets due to long-term broker relationships, who offer off-market multi-family opportunities
    • high-demand markets due to population and job growth
    • several ripe projects in pipeline
  • Strategy – B2R/Sell real estate assets
    • longer tenants stays
    • high rent growth
    • lower maintenance costs
    • investors ability to deploy more capital into Class A rentals
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Adam Whitmire, CCIM

Co-Founder, Manager

Third generation investor/developer with over 16 years of real estate experience owning and operating single-family and multifamily properties, land development and new construction projects, focused on investment portfolio management and real estate market development. From coordination of large commercial and residential acquisitions to institutional fund administration, valued for market analysis, investment advisory and negotiation skills. Represented eight of the largest institutional investment funds in the U.S. in acquiring hundreds of residential assets. Acquired over $50 million in single-family residential assets for The Whitmire Group. Real Wealth Network, Fund Manager; ROI Property Group; The Whitmire Group, VP of Acquisition. Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS), Certified Foreign Investor Specialist (CFIS) and Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR). Real Estate and Insurance licenses. BA in Visual Communications and Digital Design from American Intercontinental University.

Rob Fuller

Co-Founder, Finance and Investor Relations

Real estate deal sourcing, structuring new transactions, raising equity, financing, due diligence, acquisition, operations, development, building, disposition, financial management and asset management. Began investing in single family residential rentals across many national markets. Concurrently develops, builds and flips several properties in Northern California and the Southeast. At its peak, ROI Property Group (ROIPG) was buying and renovating as many as 40 rental homes per month in the Southeast, while it developed, built and flipped several properties in Northern California and Georgia. Currently, ROIPG is working to develop and build 220+ vacant lots in Colorado and 10+ high end Napa California lots. Seven years in Sales and Management for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries. Magna cum laude with BA in Philosophy from Brigham Young University.


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