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ARI is raising $3M to launch the WellnessDetector, a touchless IoT multi-sensor, multi-symptom screening device using patented AI and ML algorithms that automatically scans for signs of infection when a person walks in the door.

All WellnessDetectors connect to WellnessOS, a multi-tenant, big data cloud service providing device management, notifications and analytics

There are billions of entry doors in the world. Now and post-pandemic, enterprises will want to protect employees, patients, students, residents and guests from contagious illnesses within their facilities whether it is this pandemic or the next, or even the seasonal flu

The WellnessDetector is offered through distribution at a competitive cost per unit

The required WellnessOS service is offered in multi-year service subscriptions for the cloud platform

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There are billions of entry doors in the world. Now and post-pandemic, enterprises will want to protect their most important assets – be it their employees, patients, students, residents or guests – from contagious illnesses within their facilities

People will expect enterprises to help protect them from contagious individuals when they are at work, in school, at the doctor or dentist, or wherever people congregate

Other companies focus on disinfection of viruses inside the premises. ARI’s aim is to keep them from entering in the first place, wherever people congregate

Current practice is to have a person point a temporal scanner at another person’s forehead or wrist

To keep track of the results, often another person with a clipboard or tablet records the reading and identity information while others impatiently wait in line. These people-oriented methods are not scalable or sustainable

Many devices using thermal imaging cameras to detect skin temperature are inaccurate or inconsistent a not insignificant part of the time or are adversely affected by environmental factors

Wellness is not just a matter of skin temperature as a proxy for body temperature. Additional readings of respiratory and heart waveforms provide a fuller picture

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ARI’s first connected device, the WellnessDetector, fuses multiple sensors, including photo and thermal cameras, radar and environmental sensors, with machine learning algorithms to give a more accurate assessment as to a person’s wellness

The WellnessDetector can quickly take multiple measurements and factor in real-time variables to deliver an automated, touchless result in seconds

ARI’s WellnessOS multi-tenant cloud service is an artificially intelligent analytics and management platform with licensable APIs

The management platform allows end customers or third-party service providers to manage a single device or networks of devices for multiple customers

The artificial intelligence in the analytics platform monitors the overall system, identifies trends, and provides early warning of potential exposure or increasing positivity rates

Established partners in North America and Asia, and relationships to expand in South America and Europe when appropriate

WellnessDetector sold through distribution at a competitive cost per unit along with a small activation fee for connection to WellnessOS. The required WellnessOS service is offered in multi-year service subscriptions

With established network growing our end-user base, we will focus on establishing additional verticals and servicing large enterprises and WellnessOS subscribers directly (thereby increasing our margins) and enable OEMs for specific markets

ARI MultiSensor Fusion technology can be extended to additional products on our longer term roadmap: VitalEntry (QR or facial recognition access control (currently in beta)); VitalMovement (detecting activity without cameras (such as bathrooms or congregate living)); and VitalCrowd (determining the number of distinct individuals in a space without additional cameras (such as AirBNBs))

The value of providing actionable data through artificially intelligent cloud systems not only differentiates the WellnessDetector from almost all other screening devices, WellnessOS delivers long-term recurring revenue to ARI and supports our industry leading lifetime warranty and our managed service provider reseller channel

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Scott Maples

Chief Executive Officer

35 years of engineering, legal, business, leadership and deal-making experience

Previously served as an executive with Volansi, Inc., a middle mile autonomous aerial drone delivery startup

Previously, worked with ARI’s founder, Victor Shtrom, as the general counsel and corporate secretary of Ruckus Wireless, led Ruckus’s IPO and its eventual sale to Brocade Communications

Prior to joining Ruckus, spent almost two decades as an executive and leader of teams supporting the incubation, launch and growth of new business ventures in the software, internet, communications, consumer electronics and entertainment industries

J.D. from the Berkeley School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley

Member and past President of the Board of Directors of the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Had a successful exit leading the IPO of Ruckus Wireless and its eventual public-to-public sale to Brocade Communications for approximately $1.5B

Victor Shtrom

Company Founder, CTO

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati

Worked with Stanford Prof. Arogyaswami Paulraj, responsible for the first commercial MIMO-OFDM prototype and system, now the basis for technology used in all Wi-Fi and LTE communication systems

Founded Ruckus Wireless in 2004 along with Bill Kish from the offices of Sequoia Capital.  Ruckus Wireless listed on the NYSE (RKUS) in 2012 and was later acquired by Brocade Communications in 2016 for approximately $1.5B

Founded Cogniac Corporation in 2015, responsible for the algorithms for automated industrial inspections via computer vision until 2017

Inventor on over 60 patents – over 20 years of experience in leading technical teams delivering complex antenna and sensor-based system

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