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  • Ascendant is a licensed reinsurance company seeking to raise $20 million growth capital
  • $14.6 million has been raised to date
  • Two-part investment strategy: a diversified digital asset fund and a life & annuity reinsurance business
  • Class Biii insurance license issued by CIMA
  • Investing in traditional fixed income investments and digital assets
  • Expect to deploy capital in the strongest digital assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and companies building infrastructure in the digital asset space
  • Management team has the extensive custody, staking, and risk management experience required to navigate this landscape and pursue asymmetric opportunities
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Cryptocurrencies are unlocking massive value through the disruption (decentralization) of many industries – including currency
  • Emerging asset-class – quickest industry to reach $1 trillion market cap
  • Crypto markets expected to experience continued adoption, volatility and price discovery
  • Inflationary pressures and ongoing monetary and fiscal stimulus are creating significant opportunities in digital asset
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Ascendant wholly owns a licensed reinsurance platform and digital asset fund, which the company uses to invest in digital assets and traditional fixed-income products
  • Diversified exposure to the strongest digital assets (through direct investments in assets like Bitcoin) and companies building the future of finance
  • Intensive diligence process focuses on strong assets with large expected asymmetric upside
  • Avoid high-frequency trading strategies – the industry is too embryonic
  • Long term investment approach 
  • Significant time and resources on research to gain a high conviction on the long term growth potential of each investment
  • Vehicle structure expected to be tax efficient
Helping Great Companies Grow


Chris Gilpin


Experienced technology entrepreneur, investor, and advisor

Business & Engineering (HBA, B.Sc Eng)  

Founder of Turnstyle Analytics (acq. by Yelp)

Erik Fell


Accounting & Finance (CPA, CA)

Former Senior Manager at PwC

Completed Level II of CFA

Helping Great Companies Grow
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