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Byte to Bite Industries, Inc. is a groundbreaking multi-channel digital dining platform operating from a culinary center network in Southern California with 45+ virtual restaurants serviced from 10+ brick and mortar locations.

The company is seeking $5.25 million in equity to rapidly scale its proven digital dining platform in key US target markets.

Key drivers for success:

  • Serve from an extensive portfolio of company-developed brands and menus

  • Minimize capex by upcycling 2nd generation brick and mortar restaurants to company-owned culinary centers

  • Cook and deliver meals from expanding culinary center networks

  • Leverage multiple channels: dine in, pick up, direct and 3rd party delivery

  • Use proprietary data analytics to optimize operations

  • Platform is scalable by geography or food category

  • Born and thrived during COVID, doubling revenue, accelerating growth out of pandemic, proving the business model

Reasons to Invest

  • Clear strategy differentiation over single location and chain restaurants

  • Born and thrived during COVID, doubling revenues from 2020 to 2021

  • Accelerating growth out of pandemic, proving the business model

  • Diversified revenue streams through multi-channel, multi-brand approach

  • Business model scalable based on geography and food category

  • The team – highly experienced, former C – suite members of major chains coming on board as advisors

Disruptive Technology Platform

  • Globally relevant, rapidly growing local-centric digital dining platform

  • Multi-channel culinary center network

Conceived and manage 45+ virtual restaurants

Operate 10+ brick & mortar culinary centers

Monetize 1400+ digital storefronts for delivery and pickup

Opened 6+ physical restaurants for dine-in

Audience of 8m+ customers direct-to-consumer and on all major delivery apps

  • Best-in-class visual content and food photography

  • Hub and spoke production model with central commissary and distribution for final preparation









Launching Direct to Consumer Marketplace 

  •, one-stop vertically-integrated multi-channel digital dining platform

  • Frictionless ordering from multiple brands into a single shopping cart to please the entire family

  • Direct-to-consumer to increase margins by minimizing third party commissions and fees

  • Build direct customer relationships through loyalty programs, gift cards and subscription offerings vs. discounts

  • Enable customer feedback loops, “own” CRM data and build customer life-time value (“CLV”)

  • Permit dynamic pricing and personal suggestions

  • Byte to Bite’s brands at home, in our restaurants or back in the office

  • Industry leading direct-to-consumer dining experience









Building Customer Relationship

number of brands and menus only limited by imagination for enhanced experience


data analytics and CRM to optimize operations, micro-target preferences and create customer loyalty


dine in, pick up, direct and 3rd party delivery


enhanced revenue and customer enjoyment

Optimizing Performance

  • In-house Potential Engine technology provides cutting-edge business intelligence and predictive analytics

  • System navigates between macro and granular level at lightning speed to analyze performance


Virtual restaurant brands

Menus and product mix

Operational KPIs

  • Panorama view of virtual restaurant data empowers nimble deployment of new virtual restaurants – weeks, not months or even years

The Byte to Bite Growth Equation


10 Culinary Centers x 5 Delivery Channels x 45 Brands

= up to 2,250 Digital Storefronts (+ We are Growing)


End of 2023 Targets

West Coast Expansion Plan

  • 50 West Coast Culinary Centers
  • 100 Virtual Restaurants (including 50 Asian-Centric)
  • 5 Platforms
  • 12,500 West Coast Digital Storefronts

East Coast Launch

  • 25 East Coast Culinary Centers
  • 50 Virtual Restaurants
  • 5 Platforms
  • 6,250 East Coast Digital Storefronts


Christopher Petzel

Chairman, Co-Founder

  • Broad experience with media, technology, hospitality, and corporate finance
  • Board member at The Arena Group (NYSE: AREN)
  • Produced number of theatrical features including Seeking Justice (Nicolas Cage), War (Jet Li and Jason Statham), Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Good Old-Fashioned Orgy (Jason Sudeikis) as well as television movies
  • Worked for investment banking firm Houlihan Lokey in Los Angeles, where his clients included The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks, Pacific Data Images (now DreamWorks Animation), Centropolis Effects, Sundance Productions, Constantin Film AG and Castle Music
  • Worked for the media finance department of Berliner Bank AG (London Branch)
  • Fluent in German, English, French and Spanish
  • Studied finance and economics at the Universities of Barcelona (Spain) and Fribourg (Switzerland). Graduated summa cum laude

Alan Moore

CEO, Co-Founder

  • At the forefront of the evolution of food delivery, virtual brands and ‘ghost kitchens’ since 2017
  • Over 30 years of experience managing food & beverage, entertainment, tourism, and leisure operations as an entrepreneur and with Richard Branson’s Virgin Entertainment, Sega (Japan), Great Eagle Holdings (Hong Kong) and Hang Lung Properties (China)
  • Co-owned and operated successful clubs and venues including Hollywood celebrity hotspots Concorde, Shag, Parc, Central and several others
  • Focused on restaurant and bar operations including the Lost Knight, the Otheroom bars and, most recently, as an advisor to Cheebo

Paul Moore

COO, Co-Founder

  • Worked in the food delivery, virtual brand and ‘ghost kitchens’ industry for over 4 years
  • Led virtual brand creation, early digital presence initiatives and technology development including the proprietary data analytics engine
  • Involved in the creation of over $2 billion in mixed-use ventures around the world building successful businesses with venture partners that have included Simon Properties (Europe & North America), TriGranit (Eastern Europe), Trizec Hahn (Canada & North America, Sega (Japan) and Virgin Entertainment (United Kingdom)
  • Has managed teams and businesses on three continents with an overall headcount of 750+ personnel
  • Graduated with BA Honors Tourism Studies, Bournemouth University in the UK and earned Culinary Diploma at the world-renowned Baou D’Infer Cookery School


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