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Genomics Lab/Software


$12 Million

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Contact: Abhi Mathews, Managing Director


Cell: (718) 814-3618


BioAro seeks growth capital for building out one of North America’s largest Genomics lab. For its Series A round, it is raising $8 million of equity and $4 million of debt



  • CEO, Dr. Anmol Kapoor, is a serial entrepreneur, who is experienced running and scaling profitable entities in healthcare
  • Growing team of doctors and scientists who are experts in their respective fields
  • Advisory board in genetics/epigenetics/ageing



  • 4 facilities across Canada and plans to expand in the US
  • Strong supplier relationships to purchase key lab equipment at deep discounted prices
  • $7m in sales and 20% margins
  • $2m cash and debt-free

*** All values referenced here as at January 31, 2023 and in $CAD



  • Licensable software solutions to address unmet market needs
  • Global patent portfolio
  • Genomics labs & software capturing valuable patient data
  • AI/Patient data will assist in creating new products




Industry insiders estimate that the future global genetic testing market will be as prominent as the blood testing market – certain countries have begun to offer whole genome sequencing as part of routine care

Management estimates that the global genetic market will grow at a CAGR of ~16% between 2022 and 2030

Sequencing genomes is a very manual, data intensive, and time-consuming process and the current BioAro labs only accommodate a limited number of tests in a year

Human genomic data is often sold to pharma companies by competitors and analyzed in labs outside of North America, exposing sensitive human data to vulnerabilities

As countries and organizations adopt genetic testing to prevent unhealthy aging and to increase life expectancy, a new norm in healthcare is possible – as an example, Dubai has set a goal to genetically map all citizens by 2030



Management believes that BioAro’s upcoming licensable software will be a necessity for existing and future labs, as no real software solution exists today

New equipment purchased in 2023 should increase BioAro’s efficiencies while reducing cost per test, enabling a premium product at a more competitive rate

Preventative solutions such as BioAro’s preventative modules should reduce time to discovery and treatment, optimization of healthcare solutions, leading to lower healthcare costs and increased savings

BioAro allows clients to own their own data while managing, storing and retaining their genome data, as opposed to being sold or licensed to other healthcare entities

Management believes that BioAro will be one of the few labs globally that can provide the full gamma of sequencing services

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