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Helping Great Companies Grow


Boma is a global education company seeking $5 million of equity to scale online & in-person custom leadership programs, interactive events and summits for individuals and corporations.

  • Led by Lara Stein, who grew TED from a single event in Monterey, California, into TEDx, a global multinational movement with 3,000 events going on per year
  • Boma fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, academics, social activists, and VCs united under a common cause to create a better, more sustainable, human-centered future through courage, ethical leadership and action
  • Boma is becoming the leader in online & in-person action-oriented community and corporate gatherings on a global scale
  • Events and Corporate training – delivered by local partners for deep connection to local needs using global solutions.
  • Proactively addressing the most pressing challenges of our time by spurring action toward key initiatives (see Covid-19 Global Summit)
  • Sustaining change at the local, regional, national and international levels
  • Currently in ten countries – growing to 14 in 2020
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Global education company delivering transformative learning experiences
    • online & in-person large-scale events, executive programs, custom leadership programs, community events, etc.
    • delivered by global and local partners, Boma makes people and organizations smarter and more intentional
    • leading the charge to the new world of distributed and virtual events
  • Licensing model
    • top-line revenue shares from partners events and programs
    • 5% in the first year, 7% in the second year, 10% onward
    • founding partners pay 1% in the first, 2% in the second, 3% in third, and 5% onward
  • Aim to be in 40+ countries in five years
  • Local partners will receive rights to branding, marketing, globally developed content, speaker databases, and curriculum in exchange for revenue share
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Impact Focused: emphasis on year-round engagement and action on solving global challenges. Global network of changemakers who don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk
  • Corporate Training: learning products are all interactive and experiential. Programs focus on ethical and courageous leadership, digital transformation, well-being and building a sustainable future
    • both of the above products have begun to move online, with Boma’s first online global event going live on Mar 23, 2020 in 11 countries, for 24 consecutive hours
  • Boma Commons: Open innovation platform requires all partners to share innovation, learnings, and IP with the global network – keeping our network agile, innovative, and emergent. Boma’s knowledge base scales with each additional country partner that joins the network
  • Agile Thought Leadership: Boma events break down silos and engage a variety of stakeholders – organizations, foundations, governments, youth, entrepreneurs, and communities
  • Interactive: Boma formats are engaging and experiential – not typical corporate training or standard events
  • Online global events: Currently providing both open access and ticketed formats, focusing on growing the global brand and community
Helping Great Companies Grow


Lara Stein

Founder and CEO

Grew TED from a single event in Monterey, California, into TEDx, a global multinational movement with over 3,000 events going on around the world per year. Joined Singularity University, a for-profit impact organization. Built a decentralized network of country partners and took Singularity global, proving that a for-profit and impact model delivered through decentralized partners can work.

Stephan Balzer


A pioneer of the German new media scene. Founded the Red Onion GmbH in Berlin and launched TEDx and Singularity University in Germany. Has trained more than 300 speakers and has more than 2,000 speaker relationships.

Helping Great Companies Grow
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