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Company Type

Real Estate


$300 million

Investment Type

Reg D


Boxable is seeking $300 million of capital to expand its assembly line production, engineering, and compact shipping of its mass produced single and multifamily homes.

Generated $10.3 million in revenue for 2022

Received over $140 million in funding to date

Current customers include: individuals, US Military, D.R. Horton, Freeport-McMoRan, and Elon Musk

150,000+ Casita reservations representing the potential for $9 billion in revenue

The current factory was built in 2021; expansion opened in Q1 2023 and seeking a 1 million+ sq ft factory for future growth.


The US is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis with many low and moderate-income people struggling to find inexpensive places to live

The world would need to build 96,000 new affordable homes every day to house the estimated 3 billion people who will need adequate housing by 2030

Prices for new and existing homes are rising at a record pace and new construction now has a median value of $300,000, which is considered ‘affordable’

The housing crisis could impact 1.6 billion people by 2025, according to the World Bank 5


Boxabl produces, through a proprietary mass-manufacturing and assembly process, a factory finished room module system that can be quickly stacked and arranged on site

The first product is a Casita, a small studio apartment priced at $60k with factory installed kitchens, bathrooms and more

Boxabl has delivered housing units for Casitas, Military housing, and workforce housing, and expects to expand into primary housing and other markets

Funding will be used towards developing Boxabl’s “Boxzilla” Factory that expects to produce one house every three minutes

– Over 63 patents filed

– Labor costs are expected to be reduced significantly.


Paolo Tiramini – Founder & CEO

Responsible for the overall strategic vision. Successful industrial designer and engineer who founded several tech and engineering ventures, including the 500 Group to monetize 155 US and European patents and patent filings. Included in the portfolio was the patent for a rolling workshop resulting in a rights sale to Black and Decker, generating over $400 Million in sales. Relocated to North Las Vegas in 2017, where Supercar Systems was launched, an automotive performance system for a Powersports company. The company built a 20,000 SF R&D facility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to develop systems and test prototypes. Won a prestigious Red Dot Design award for work on a compact forced induction system for General Motors. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. Also, an alumnus of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.​

Galiano Tiramini – Founder & Marketing Director

Responsible for operations, fundraising, employee management, partnerships, and strategic direction. Before co-founding Boxabl in 2017, Bitcoin Exchange was founded and worked on an OTC trading desk and developed an ATM Bitcoin network. Bitcoin Exchange was sold to a business partner to focus on Boxabl, Inc. and the growing need for affordable housing. Managed Tiramani Farms, a family business in Lakeport, CA, before founding Bitcoin Exchange. Included growing, financial accounting, supply chain management, and day to-day operations. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and International Business Administration.

Kyle Denman – Founder & Director of Engineering

Responsible for developing cutting-edge construction processes. Directs and refines Boxabl’s unique development, design, build, and delivery systems. Additionally, is the director of engineering at SuperCar systems, an automotive performance system for Powersports based on Mr. Tiramani’s ‘A’ Design award-winning project. Helped to build and develop SuperCar systems and its 20,000 SF R&D facility at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the development of systems and testing of prototypes. Prior to Boxabl and SuperCar systems, was involved in Stony Brook Motorsports at Stony Brook University where he worked with a team on the research, design, and testing of a Baja vehicle powertrain system. Named as a co-inventor on over 60 patents issued and pending worldwide.

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