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  • Seeking $5 million of equity in the General Partner management company to: (1) expand blockchain and mobile
    investment platform, (2) market platform to target investors globally, and (3) provide working capital.
    CalTier Realty, LLC is a PropTech asset management and HNW investor acquisition platform that will be the GP of
    a portfolio of fund offerings. First two include:

    • Fund 1: Offering pursuant to Regulation A+ to purchase cash-flowing Class B and C multifamily assets. Primarily
      targeting retail investors domestically and high net worth individuals internationally with wealth from $100,000 to
      $1,000,000. Goal is to raise $50 million per year (maximum allowed per year under Reg. A+)
    • Fund 2: Offering pursuant to Reg D Rule 506 (c) and Reg S to purchase cash-flowing Class B and C multifamily
      assets. Targeting domestic and foreign accredited, high net- worth investors with wealth ranging from $1,000,000
      to $25,000,000. Goal is to raise $100 million.
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Non-Accredited investor are significantly underserved. 
  • Large proportion of wealth 
  • Emerging technologies are lowering the cost of acquiring and managing customer relationships 
  • Underserved markets 
    • wealth range – $10,000 to $100,000 with $55.7 trillion held by 1.6 billion people 
    • wealth range – $100,000 to $1,000,000 with $140.2 trillion held by 0.5 billion people 
    • There are 41,104,790 people globally in the wealth segment between $1 and $5 million representing $103 trillion (average wealth of $2.5 million). Management believes this is a significantly underserved investor segment.
Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Use new and emerging technologies to lower the cost of acquiring and managing relationships with millions of underserved high net-worth individual real estate investors  
  • Focus on multifamily asset class  
    • familiar asset class to target markets 
    • structured to generate stable yields in a volatile yield environment 
    • relatively uncorrelated with market movements (people need to live somewhere) 
    • management knows the asset class well, and has a strong network for deal flow 
    • opportunity to build a brand with a huge underserved market 
  • Real Estate Opportunities
    • Typically  off-market  or  private  opportunities
    • Low fund management fees
    • Ongoing professional asset & property  management
    • Banking partners in place for
    • international funds  Background, anti money laundering  and OFAC checks
    • Source of funds approval prior  to subscribing
  • Analogous companies 
    • Robinhood 
    • Acorn  
    • Fundrise
Helping Great Companies Grow


Matt Belcher

Managing Principal

Equity and structured debt  experience on multi $billion real  estate transactions

Co-Founder San Diego EB-5

Regional Investment Center  International consulting  experience spanning twenty years  mainly Europe and U.S.  Personally invested into Multi-  Family Assets

Background in software and Digital platforms

Travis Hook

Managing Principal

Experience with highly complex  real estate transactions

Co-Founder San Diego EB-5

Regional Investment Center

EB-5, E-2 and L-1 Investment Visa  business planning, economic  reporting and placement/offering  creation

Masters of Business

Administration from Alliant  International University

Fluent in Spanish

Parker Smith

Managing Principal

10Y+ experience in finance, real  estate and law

Co-founder and managing attorney

at Sy & Smith Law Firm

$100M+ in real estate assets and  direct investments identification  and placements.

Bachelors in Finance from Brigham

Young University

Juris Doctor from Thomas  Jefferson School of Law.

Fluent in Spanish*

Helping Great Companies Grow
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