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Financial Services

Company Type

Investment Fund


$4 Million

Investment Type

Stock Loan


Seeking $4 million loan against a pledge of >$10 million of listed securities

Collateral: existing shares owned by borrower, and shares borrower will acquire with the proceeds of this loan

The combined market value of the collateral at current pricing is $10.3 million (39% LTV)

The shares are owned by Calu Opportunity Fund LP, a Delaware limited partnership that invests in natural resources and the agri-food sector


The shares are owned by Calu Opportunity Fund LP, a Delaware limited partnership formed to invest in natural resources and the agri-food sector.

Calu Financial LLC is the general partner.

Collateral 1: Luca Mining Corporation

Collateral 1: 34,483,525 shares of Luca Mining Corp (TSX-V: LUCA, OTCQX: LUCMF) (“Luca”)

Market value of collateral: ~US$ 8.0 million

Company info: Luca is a diversified Canadian mining company with two 100%-owned mines in Mexico that produce gold, copper, zinc, silver, and lead

Luca Mining Corporation Stock Information

Collateral 2: Organto Foods Inc.

Collateral 2: Shares of Organto Foods Inc. (TSX-V: OGO, OTC: OGOFF) (“Organto”)

Market value of collateral: ~US$ 2.3 million

Company info: Organto is an integrated provider of branded, private label and bulk distributed organic and non-GMO fruit and vegetable products Organto grew sales from ~US$1.1 million in 2018 to ~US$20.7 million in 2023, representing five consecutive years of sales growth. It targets annualized 2024 sales in the range of current analyst estimates of CDN $35 to $38 million, and expects to achieve positive EBITDA during the first half of 2024

Organto Foods Inc. Stock Information

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