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Investment Acquisition Vehicle


+/- $100 million​

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Equity and Debt

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Helping Great Companies Grow


CCS Growth Partners is seeking +/-$100 million to acquire positive earnings companies in the healthcare sector.

  • Lower-middle market buyout vehicle
  • Target companies have $2-10 million of EBITDA
  • Vast majority of targets are asset light, cashflow heavy
  • Strong investment thesis
    • slower growth opportunities, inelastic demand
    • high growth, low regulatory requirements, high margin
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Helping Great Companies Grow


•  The healthcare market is large and is growing due to aging baby
    boomers and consistent population growth
•  Sellers want:
     •  liquidity – a full or partial exit
     •  partners – some lack the skills, knowledge, and
        confidence/ambition to take their company to the next level
        and need a partner to help the company continue to scale
•  Target companies have little existing sales and marketing
    presence, stifling growth
Helping Great Companies Grow


•  Help acquired companies scale through improved marketing,
    operations and management
•  Use leadership and financial scorecards to keep companies on
•  Leverage synergies across companies to enhance the roll-up
•  Organic Growth: turn up sales and marketing functions with
    supporting operations
•  Growth through Acquisition: roll-up, creating synergies,
    technology plays, IP, etc.
Helping Great Companies Grow

Michael Ballard

Senior Managing Partner/CEO

Over 17 years in lower-middle market. Management experience in family-owned and personal businesses. Bought and sold home healthcare business as an owner-operator with a 100% IRR. Worked in lower-middle market private equity/search funds serving on the investment committee, conducting market research and financial modeling. Fortune 500 finance team managing a $200M+ budget. Led $80M joint-venture. MBA in Corporate Finance and an MSc. in Corporate Finance from Hult International Business School focusing in M&A, Private Equity and Investment Banking.

Rachael Benton

Managing Partner/COO

Extensive experience helping companies drive positive change, increase efficiency and profitability and transform into operationally excellent, scalable firms. Assisted a healthcare start up from their $11M initial raise to their successful exit. Integral to the introduction of an $80M joint-venture for an ag-tech startup. Responsible for post-acquisition operational excellence to ensure that each portfolio company creates operational leverage to ensure growth. Graduated as Valedictorian from Boston’s Hult International Business School, with MBA in Finance.
Helping Great Companies Grow
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