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Counter-Intuitive Cooking Inc. (d.b.a Celcy Technologies) is raising $5 million to launch its patented IOT, AI driven, robotic countertop appliance

The Celcy system combines a freezer and an oven to offer on-demand, quality food which is remotely and autonomously prepared, eliminating, the consumer from the food preparation equation

Celcy’s freezer stores 5 premade meals and lets the user select a meal from their phone, tablet, or connected device

Celcy moves the selected chef prepared meal from its freezer to its oven to be defrosted and cooked – meals are purchased through the company’s website


Competitive Advantage in a Huge Market

The frozen entrees, pizza, snacks, and appetizers market is 22 billion dollars per annum with 26% of US consumers buying more frozen food than they did last year. That number increases to 43% for millennials

If Celcy is like the Nespresso of food, then Celcy’s meals, the CD (Celcy Dish), are the Nespresso Pod equivalent. The independently contracted chef prepared meals are specifically design to work with Celcy and to prevent competitors from making knock-off consumables



Addressing Multiple Segments

A multi-prong approach to market penetration – there are 4 main points of entry identified: direct to consumers, food manufactures, weight loss companies, & B2B opportunities via hotels, independent living, and colleges – the company also intends to license the software and hardware

Celcy’s primary market consists of single occupant households, age 25-44 and upper two quartiles of earners – these are the primary thrust of the initial marketing effort. Also, the 25-44 with young children is another easy step as the group has schedule and meal planning challenges associated with raising young children

Another focus segment is elderly individuals who wish to age in place – their children (who are in their 50s and 60s) can use Celcy as a way of remotely monitoring and caring for their parents


Maxwell Wieder | CEO

Expert in hardware and systems engineering, working on rockets as a NASA contractor

Johns Hopkins:

BS in Aerospace Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Management with an Entrepreneurial and Mechanical Focus

Edward Holzinger | CTO

Expert in software, backend data structures, data analytics and cyber security engineering, working on major government contracts at 3 letter agencies

Johns Hopkins:

BS in Computer Science

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Jonathan Krieger

Director of Strategy & Investor, Food & Enterprise Partnership

Founder & CEO Of Flagship, Co-founder Bluestone Lane, Strategic Partner At Glosslab

Guy Roberts

Head of Electrical Design & Firmware

Electrical engineer, specializing in digital design and embedded systems. Recently retired after 22 years with Zebra Technologies, most recently working in RFID product development

Scott Waterfall

Head of Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

Mechanical designer & machinist with over 40 years of experience in various areas of manufacturing. Retired from L3harris Corp. after 12 years and the US Navy after 20 years



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