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Real Estate

Company Type

Real Estate Investor


$10 Million

Investment Type

Convertible Debt



Chesterfield One, Inc. is seeking a $10 million senior secured convertible bridge loan (the Loan) to establish a large-scale commercial real estate (CRE) tokenization platform on a major ATS exchange, tZERO.

Strong Platform


The Company expects to be a “first mover” investment platform enabling retail investors to invest on a fractional basis in CRE via regulated tokens that can be traded on tZERO

tZERO (40,000 captive active investors) sold a significant minority ownership position to Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), that owns the NYSE).

Backed by a successful NYC-based direct CRE debt and equity investor, Chesterfield Faring, Ltd (Sponsor), a lender, merchant bank, and issuer in CRE debt and equity founded in 2006.

Extensive CRE expertise combined with advanced blockchain technology.

The Sponsor owns/controls approx. $170 million AUM in CRE, and significant access to strong deal flow.

Large Addressable Market


Potential Trillion Dollar Industry. Comparable CMBS market (geared solely for debt and to institutional investors) grew into a trillion industry over the last three decades – this should be larger since geared to retail investors for both debt and equity

Recognition. JPM Chase recently announced plans to tokenize hard assets. New recognition that CRE tokenization is the end root of the merging of hard CRE assets and technology developments

Regulated Tokens. Tokens are minted each with a code on blockchain with a dedicated number like a CUSIP number for publicly traded shares of public companies and can be traded on a regulated exchange, aka tZERO

Like Public Shares. Tokens are a mirror image of shares of stock held by a transfer agent – the offering is called a Security Token Offering (STO)

20 Unit Dallas Townhomes

Business Plan


Dominant Player/ First Mover. Become the dominant player in the inevitable movement towards CRE blockchain tokenized platform(s) for retail and institutional investors. The Company will deploy state-of-the-art blockchain, fintech, legal and accounting technology for the first regulated online digital CRE security trading  portal

First Acquisition. Acquire first property from the Sponsor – a recently constructed 20 townhome Class A development in the prime Uptown Dallas market, TX (Property 1) for $21 million. The Company assumes an existing $11 million first mortgage plus receives the $10 million equity via issuing Tokens to current investors including the Sponsor

Additional Acquisitions. The Company to acquire additional Sponsor opportunities via additional Reg A Tier 2 offerings – up to $75 million per year per sponsor, or greater sums with new affiliated/ non-affiliated sponsors


Lawrence Selevan – Chairman and CEO of Chesterfield Faring Ltd and Chesterfield One, Inc. Chairman and co-founder of RED Blocks. Completed over $15 Billion in CRE transactions and advisory work since 2006. Has held titles as Managing Director at Fieldstone, Inc., Director of Fund Management at Sumitomo Real Estate, plus CEO/managing member of various debt and equity ownership entities. Full CV available.
Blair Ashner CFO of RED Blocks. Acquisitions officer and a member of the Investment Committee for Equity Group Investments, Sam Zell’s founding and parent company of Equity Residential Properties Trust, Equity Office Properties Trust, and Equity International Properties, LLC. Held several senior executive positions for Equity Group Investments, Inc., including SVP, Equity International Properties, Ltd. CFO of HDG Mansur Group, managing a $2 billion international real estate fund.
Sri Raju President, CEO, COO and a co-founder of RED Blocks. Seasoned finance, operations and technology professional with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Authored a book about crypto currencies/ blockchain. Head of Systems Planning & Strategic Analytics for the CFO’s office at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Head of Analytics for Real Estate in Deutsche Asset Management. Manager of Finance & Technology at Citigroup.
Soumendra Devgoswami CTO and a co-founder of RED Blocks. Experienced technologist and subject matter expert in enterprise systems and blockchain. Executed numerous projects in the financial services and government sector. Head of Shared Services in Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, NYC Information Technology Office.
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