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Golden Cacao provides premium cacao/chocolate to the U.S., Europe, Brazil, India and China. Raising $5 million.


MASSIVELY SCALABLE PLAN to sell, source and provide premium cacao to Europe, U.S. and emerging countries such as China and India

INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITY to launch and manufacture the best-tasting chocolate bars and cacao supply to distribute internationally

CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY and regenerative practices to provide the world with award-winning chocolate

HIGHEST QUALITY hand-selected heirloom cacao, grown sustainably in rich volcanic soil with exotic terroir – using award-winning flavor profiles

PREMIUM PRODUCT developed by Golden Cacao’s engineers who have created numerous flavor profiles which have won prestigious international awards for the past ten years

VAST DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS for premium chocolate – mass retailers, specialty gourmet, natural grocers, hospitality and wellness industries, cultural attractions, and functional foods

SUPERIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM with extensive experience in global sales, marketing, business development, supply chain chain logistics, exporting agribusiness, and cacao plantation aggregation

POSITIVE IMPACT embracing responsibility and fairness throughout Golden Cacao’s farmers, the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all stakeholders



Golden Cacao was established with a mission, vision and core values, to encourage and facilitate the production, processing and marketing of premium quality cacao, in all forms, in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while maintaining the  best mutual industrial relations with its workers.


Golden Cacao expects to aggregate, export and produce the world’s best flavored heirloom cacao for global distribution

Traced from planting, through harvesting and processing until it reaches the consumer – grown where the species originated – Latin America


Fermentation (which is responsible for 70% of a flavor profile) utilizes cutting-edge technologies, and is carried out under strict proprietary guidelines

Have created numerous flavor profiles which have won European awards for over ten years

Launching the manufacture and distribution of a retail “Golden Cacao” chocolate bar, using single origin, heirloom cacao, with award winning flavor profiles

Chocolate Map


Management team has extensive experience in agribusiness, agro-industry, cacao plantations and cacao aggregation in Latin America – and global sales, marketing, business development, supply chain logistics and exporting

Aggregation operations have commenced in Latin America for sale in the US, Europe, China and India


Global Cacao is Growing…

…and Latin America Cacao is Positioned for Opportunity



Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are holistic. We embrace responsible actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities for our farmers, the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other stakeholders and members of the public sphere who are directly or indirectly involved. In our effort to achieve the mission and objectives of our business model, we uphold socially conscious business ethics, including our whole purpose of treating our farmers fairly and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders.


With a combined 150+ years of experience in chocolate, the management team has extensive experience in global sales, marketing, business development, supply chain logistics, exporting, agribusiness, cacao plantation aggregation.

Christopher Werner

Mr. Werner has been involved in the global commodities, purchasing, brokerage and supply chain industry for the past 20 years. As CEO, he has led three companies to public listings on international exchanges and is the former owner of Palma Dorada, one of the largest cacao plantations in the Napo Province of Ecuador.

John Vogel

Mr. Vogel has been recognized throughout his career for being a visionary leader, having held various positions managing anything from large groups to corporations. He has vast experience in the areas of agribusiness and seafood production, as well as their pertaining markets in the US and Latin America.

Raul Lacayo

Mr. Lacayo is the President of the Nicaraguan Securities Exchange, Institution dedicated to developing the capital markets in Nicaragua, serving as a vehicle for financial inclusion and financial creativity. He is a former President of the Central Bank of Nicaragua and a former Senior Condultant at Deloitte Haskins & Sells’ International Capital Markets Group.

Cristobal Herrera

Mr. Herrera is a Chemical engineer and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is a passionate man and expert in fermentation process, quality, productivity, efficiency, innovation and sustainable business models. He has experience working throughout the global supply chain for fine cocoa beans.

Gabriel Rosero

Mr. Rosero brings over 14 years work experience through management and farm administration with a strong emphasis on cacao production. He has designed and developed new products and adaptation to new markets throughout his career primarily in Ecuador.

Diego Donaso

Mr. Donaso is a professional consultant in Public Administration, International Relations, and International Business. He is commercially involved with DEUTSCHE STIFTUNG as a Director (2016 – Current) and attended the UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS UDLA Graduate School Master of Business Administration with emphasis on International Business

Rebecca Roebber

Ms. Roebber is a sustainable business development expert for small and medium-sized businesses, with a strong focus on marketing strategy, marketing plan development, and event marketing. She is a facilitator for cross-network meetings, collaborations, and workshops, development and support of client’s strategic goals, content marketing

Dana Nicholas Hunsinger

Ms. Nicholas Hunsinger is a sales, marketing, and business development specialist with over 25 years in the consumer goods, fashion, entertainment and import/export industry.


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