Commodities Ventures, LLC

Coal Mine Development – $50 Million Guaranteed Secured Loan

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Natural Resources

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Coal Mining


$50 Million

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Commodities Ventures, LLC (CV) is seeking a $50 million, 24-month loan to extract high-quality, low- sulfur thermal coal from mines in Harlan County, KY and repay debt.

Estimated 6.4 million of recoverable tons and fully ramped daily production of almost 80,000 clean tons per month

Anticipated coal supply contracts are expected to be sufficient to purchase all saleable coal with prices of at least $115 per ton

Loan guaranteed by a $2.8 billion financial group, which includes a reinsurance company with an AM Best rating of BBB-, and collateralized by all CV assets

Experienced coal mining team formed in 2017

Management and Advisors

Robert Stout, Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for overall corporate governance and financial oversight. Over 45 years of management experience, including managing teams in multiple global offices designing, implementing and managing world-class corporate data and communications services. Has served on the board of directors and as an officer for various companies and entities. Six-year veteran of the US Air Force.

Timothy Howard, Professional Independent Engineer

Provides independent reserve evaluations and consulting services on all phases of mine layout, design, equipment selection, preparation materials handling and disposal, reserve evaluation, property management, reclamation permitting and regulatory agency consulting. Currently with Howard Engineering & Geology, Inc. – co-founded in 1988. Professional Engineer in KY, TN, and VA. Member of the American institute of Mining Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. BS, Mining Engineering, University of Kentucky.

Clifford Ellery, Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for technology products for design, development, and delivery, as well as the technical design and operational responsibilities for the day-to-day network, computing, and communication of all of the companies within the Kingdom Logistics Mining family of companies, including CIH. Over 20 years of experience in data management, data transport and system security. Previously, VP of Research and Development for CommProve Ltd., Italy, which provided network monitoring and business solutions for wireless operators and CEO of CommProve IT Corp, its US subsidiary. Earlier was CTO for DRM Security, a leader in the development of solutions designed to improve the way companies can protect their digital assets while enabling controlled sharing. Nine-year veteran of the United States Navy and a graduate of Purdue University.

Thomas Duszynski, Chief Financial Officer

Serves as CFO of Kingdom Logistics, the parent company of a group of integrated natural resource companies, including Commodities Investment Holdings. Previously was CFO of Augustine Capital Management, which invested in public and private companies. Responsible for due diligence on target companies with emphasis on valuations, accounting, systems and internal controls. Has also consulted privately with natural resources companies on valuation and accounting controls. Earlier conducted audits for a CPA firm in Chicago and for the IRS. CPA, Illinois. BA, Accounting with Honors, University of Illinois at Chicago.

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