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Seeking $20 million for rapid market scaling. Company aggregates and orchestrates an exclusive network of prestigious private clubs and their affluent members worldwide through three platforms. Platforms give members seamless access to private clubs worldwide and networking with fellow members. Platforms generate significant revenue by delivering luxury goods, personalized services, rewards and member engagement solutions.

  • Company offers experiential engagements and delivers personalized products and services with special benefits and privileges to its affluent consumers
  • Customers benefit in value from the power of aggregation and rewards enabled by a centralized transaction process, driven by its fintech platform
  • 300+ Luxury Brands have $1.4 Trillion in annual sales
  • Online luxury sales expected to triple by 2025
  • The world’s richest people spend $234 billion per year on luxury goods
  • Signed up 115 of the world’s most exclusive clubs. Marketing access to 46,000+ affluent customers
  • CEO is an expert in private club industry – involved in six IPO
Helping Great Companies Grow
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