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$21 Million

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Contact: Tina Vital


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Seeking $21 million of equity for regulatory submissions and commercialization of its fully developed and operational technology for 3D robotics and navigation system for real-time anatomical tracking and high precision orthopedic surgeries.

  • Innovative, accurate and safe – fully operational 3D robotics and navigation system
    • solves many spinal surgery problems
    • opening a new market – enabling the first use into navigated cervical spinal fusion surgery
    • planned future expansion into other medical procedures
    • received large government grant
  • Allows the surgeon to navigate more precisely within the patient’s vertebrae by combining a pre-surgical CT scan with the images obtained from its proprietary 3D camera installed in the surgery suite – while operating and without any exposure to  x-ray radiation
  • Go-To-Market Timeline
    • clinical testing completed in Israel, U.K. and the U.S.
    • successful cadaver lab results
    • 3Q21 – $1.5 million bridge round successfully closed
    • 1Q22 – expected FDA 510K clearance
    • 2Q22 – first sales in U.S.
  • Large addressable surgical market – initially focused on global spine surgeries requiring high accuracy such as pediatric, scoliosis and cervical – then growing to general orthopedics
  • Management team has world-class expertise in advanced robotics, optics and medical devices
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