Leading/largest service e-commerce platform in Latin America



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Online Marketplace


Latin America


$50 million

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Leading/largest service e-commerce platform (formerly Groupon Latam) in Latin America, seeking $50 million of debt to expand its rapidly growing business.

  • 2019 Revenue: $87MM; Gross Profit $37MM
  • Expects to continue to improve Gross Profit margin (grew from 14% in 2016 to 16.7% in 2019)
  • Covid-19 and its aftermath expected to have a positive impact as more people stay at home, spend more time browsing the internet and apps, and demand more food delivery
  • Benefit-based platform where payments, discounts, cashbacks, employee benefits and loyalty programs deliver value for both users and merchants
  • Provides coupons, vouchers, discounts on local goods and services including travel discount plans
  • Two-sided marketplace joins supply and demand through price and discovery, creating a strong value proposition for users and merchants
  • Connected with all relevant players in the industry to deliver a simpler life for users and more solutions for merchants – delivering great experiences with payment and benefits

Led by experienced management team comprised of former founders of successful businesses throughout Latin America – wealth of experience in branding, distribution and networking

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