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Our client is seeking up to $100 million to prototype and mass produce their 2nd generation hydrogen fuel cell-based electric vehicle platforms.

  • Working proof of concept models have been completed and new generation is in development for market debut in early 2020
  • Provides a sustainable zero emission power generation source that extends the mileage range without compromising safety and comfort features, provides zero emission, contributes to the de-carbonization of the planet and better quality of life
  • Possess extensive technology in graphene, Nano carbon composite materials and automated driver-assist systems – right to use patented sensors powertrain data collection for road weather conditions and graphene fuel cell advancements
  • Hundreds of years of automotive management experience with extended partners
  • Technology will not only affect energy input and underlying economics of the vehicles but will also enhance the safety features and driving behavior of the vehicles and quality of life
  • Meets requirements of new global mandates to improve air quality and the de-carbonization of the planet
  • JVs with two China national bus/automobile OEMs to accelerate production
  • Two Hydrogen fuel cell research and applications development centers with Chinese municipal governments’ monetary and other support
  • Executed three China provincial-level strategic cooperation agreements
  • Fuel cell vehicles are expected to become the fastest-growing market segment in the global automotive market by 2030, with sales reaching 5 million units ($250 billion)
  • China is the largest automobile market in the world today – estimated to account for 57% of the world’s EV sales by 2035
  • China recently wrote into law the new national mandate to use Hydrogen as the power source for the future
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