Direct to Consumer Fall Prediction, Prevention and Remediation



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Artificial Intelligence/

Machine Learning/

Data Analytics




$15 million

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An A.I. and analytics company with deep medical and clinical thought leadership is seeking +/-$15 million of equity to scale their software/hardware solution that predicts when older people are at risk of falling.

  • Completed early development of analytics, machine learning and A.I. technology that, in many cases, can anticipate the probability of a fall, allowing for early intervention and prevention before the fall occurs
  • Hybrid of predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data driven – data is collected, aggregated and anonymized
  • Direct to consumer solution – expected additional stream of revenue that can feed into medical devices, pharma and behavioral analysis
  • Software will be compatible with existing hardware in the market, making it accessible to consumers immediately
  • Leadership team completed exhaustive clinical research (several people-years over 18 months in five controlled settings (senior living communities)) on the risk factors of falling
  • Solution collects data using profiling, medical records and data from wearables that run the Vivacitas application suite
  • Platform is designed to empower the patient, and the patient’s support system, while tackling the problem upstream for medical attention
  • Social networking element builds an ecosystem and also provides a venue for third-party advertising (another potential revenue stream)
  • Led by management with extensive health/clinical, analytical and IP skills
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