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Our client is seeking +/-$50 million to create the largest healthcare data network to meet a $230B market opportunity.

  • Already operates a proprietary healthcare platform which generates revenue through selling data and upselling through marketplace interactions
  • Three core services generate premium structured prospective data product over 6 countries
  • Healthcare data product purchased for clinical trial matching, pharmaceutical R&D, technology development
  • Patients can consult with a board-certified physician in five minutes or less via chat and video consultations 24×7 from any internet-enabled device (i.e. phone, tablet, or computer)
  • Active pool of 100+ board certified physicians offering preventative and primary care, urgent care, and specialty consults in dermatology, tobacco cessation, mental health, women’s health, and sports and rehab medicine
  • Members get high quality care, personalized educational content tailored to their specific needs promoting health and wellness
  • Members can connect, share, and learn from their communities based on shared life experiences
  • Rapid growth across countries, 60% conversion rates through channel partners
  • Meets privacy and medical regulations/laws and operates in the US, Asia, and Africa
  • Qualifies as Opportunity Zone Business
Helping Great Companies Grow


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