Established “oil major approved” fully integrated global tanker shipping platform seeking $200 million to purchase tankers



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Freight/ Chemical/ Refined Petroleum Product/ Crude Oil Transportation





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A fully integrated, “oil major approved” private global tanker shipping platform is seeking +/-$200 million of growth equity to take advantage of the current dislocation in the market where tanker purchase prices are trading at historical lows and are disproportionally discounted against earnings. Many shipping analysts are forecasting market demand growth will outpace supply growth within the next two years.

  • The company is recognized for its niche capability shipping bulk chemicals worldwide giving “barrier to entry” market protection and strong leverage to expand in the mainstream refined petroleum product and crude oil sectors
  • Long established cargo customer relationships with the oil majors, traders, agricultural conglomerates, and chemical producers
  • Superior world-wide access to attractive deal opportunities for cargo ship acquisition and re-sale with a pipeline of identified candidates which can be immediately purchased and integrated into their existing platform which manages 19 chemical, product and crude tankers
  • Base Case return on investment projection of 15-20 % IRR over a 3-5 year period. Important supportive analytics, historical information, target cash flows and returns are available upon request

This company is positioned to take advantage of this opportunity to expand their asset and operational base, and with the right capital partner become a major force in the global tanker industry

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