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Sports Performance/Health


$3 Million

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Equity/Convertible Note

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Cooper Groove is seeking up to $3 million to support the expansion of its patented groove grip technology – reduces or eliminates pain, shock, fatigue, cramps, tingling and numbness


The groove grip technology introduced in drumsticks can also be applied to hundreds of products through grooves directly into the handles and grips or by using the patented Groove Wrap

According to OSHA, the U.S. has 1.8 million workers compensation claims for hand related Repetitive Stress Injuries – estimated cost between $17 to $18 billion per year. There has been little innovation to address hand health, other than gloves

Cooper Groove intends to grow organically by expanding its technology to new product applications and to undertake several synergistic joint venture. Negotiations are ongoing to joint venture a well-known drumstick manufacturer, a baseball bat manufacturer, and golf grip manufacturer


Cooper Groove has received dozens of written testimonials from its drumstick customers, many of whom report being able to play even while experiencing arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, osteo neuropathy, and recovering from surgeries

The global hand protection equipment market size was $29.6 billion in 2021. Outside of simple gloves, hand health has seen few innovations like Cooper Groove grip technologies to help with chronic hand pain from repetitive stress injuries

Management anticipates similar relief may also be provided to users of other consumer products such as tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, etc

The technology works by reducing shock and sweat, which improves grip with less tension – this stimulates blood flow which eliminates cramps therefore reducing pain and long-term damage

These same factors also improve grip performance, so the product is valuable to users who are not experiencing any current hand pain


The company was gaining distribution of its grooved drumsticks prior to COVID, but with the dramatic curtailment of live music performances, sales of drumsticks suffered a significant drop in volume

 With the post COVID resumption of music events, proper capitalization should allow the company to resume aggressive distribution and promotion and arranging artist endorsements

Currently in discussions with the founder of a well-known independent manufacturer of drumsticks interested in a joint venture and potentially a staged buy-out path to retirement – the acquisition would provide manufacturing, global distribution, a significant artist base for endorsements, and an experienced leader who would remain on board


Carlo Cooper | Founder and Chief Groove Officer

  • Invented the groove in its current form through his experience as a drummer
  • After several years of development, the groove technology was patented, and early sales began, and strong testimonials were received
  • Earlier experience includes creating a business training consulting firm. Developed and executed employee training programs, new company initiatives, and product launches for companies like Trader Joe’s and Starbucks
  • Played drums for several bands in Chicago and New York

Mike Chiszar  | Chief Executive Officer

  • Managed sales teams and projects in software for the past 20 years for Scantron and Pearson Education
  • When Scantron acquired Pearson’s NCS division, managed a $20 million group including its International Division, Key Accounts, and Strategic Partners becoming the most profitable division in the company
  • Sold and managed teams selling sportswear to complex engineering solutions to SaaS solutions
  • Held sales, management, and VP roles selling to education and Fortune 500’s both domestically and internationally
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