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E-Tron Technologies LLC (“E-Tron”) is seeking  +/- $266 million to construct modular natural gas processing facilities. The facilities will convert natural gas to high-value solvents and other chemicals (“gas-to-liquids”, GTL) using E-Tron’s proprietary electron-beam (“E-Beam”) gas treatment technology

  • Disruptive GTL technology – paradigm shift in how gases are transformed into liquids
    • low cost, robust and efficient process that produces hydrogen plus wide variety of higher valued, quality petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel and other solvents/petrochemicals
    • skid-mounted modular design provides easy integration into existing facilities
    • small modular plants are more efficient – suitable for remote locations
    • one-time design/short-time to manufacture and commission plants – only 9-12 months
    • “just-in-time” manufacturing/easy flexibility to change product mix
    • zero process emissions/environmentally safe
    • supply contracts, off-take, EPC and O&M agreements negotiated
  • Modular construction expected to take place in two phases
    • EPC budgets of $56 million and $210 million
    • secured identified site in California, or at an alternative site per investor discretion
  • Patented and established technology
  • Experienced management team with proven track record of successful innovation, leadership and large-scale project completion
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  • Excess supply of natural gas feedstock
  • Natural gas industry is being affected by two major challenges: the vast amount of shale gas reserves and an excessive amount of natural gas that is wasted during production (flaring)
  • Current GTL technologies to convert natural gas into higher-value products such as transportation fuels and various commodity and specialty chemicals are inadequate, dated and expensive – cannot be used for distributed power
    • pioneered in Germany during the 1920s using high temperature Fischer Tropsch process technology which turned coal into gas and then into liquids
    • Fischer Tropsch process is only feasible in expensive large-scale plants
    • natural gas conversions can be achieved via several chemical reaction processes resulting in a range of high-value petrochemical end-products
  • Climate change strategies and regulations are supportive of natural gas transformation technologies
    • industrial and chemical manufacturing is incorporating climate change risk and the cost of carbon into their business strategies
    • focus of supplying reliable energy to a carbon-constrained world at the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference and the mandates of Mission Innovation and the Breakthrough Energy Coalition
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  • E-Tron expects to commercialize a new class technologies to GTL – low cost, robust and efficient process that produces higher quality petrochemical end-products
    • disruptive technology – paradigm shift in how gases are transformed into liquids
    • E-Beam technology is designed to convert natural gas to hydrogen plus a wide variety of highly valued fuels and petrochemicals through electron radiation, liquid condensation and distillation
  • Advantages of E-Tron’s E-Beam technology
    • existing, proven technology – spanning more than three decades, there are 30,000 commercial installations of E-Beams in fuel, energy and a variety of other industries with thousands of unique applications
    • small modular units are more efficient – suitable for remote locations
    • lower capital costs and smaller risks – investment can be rolled out in phases
    • one-time design/short time to manufacture and commission plants – less than 12 months
    • skid-mounted modular design provides easy integration into existing facilities
    • small environmental footprint – zero process emissions
  • Exploits the oil-to-gas ratio spread converting low-cost and abundant natural gas into solvents
  • Flexible site locations
    • secured site with Santa Maria Energy (SME) – installation of E-Tron units on SME operating locations with access to SME natural gas, utilities, permits and market resources
    • alternatively, at the discretion of the investor – units can be located at sites worldwide – close to necessary feedstocks and utilities
  • Patented technology (#10183267)
    • game changer for the industry as it addresses emission reduction and creates an attractive profit
    • win-win for socially responsible investors
  • Experienced management team
    • proven track record of successful innovation, leadership and large-scale project completion
    • careers assessing, managing and mitigating risks across many sectors
    • innovative insurance coverage or specialty coverages are a unique part of the E-Tron equation and help to differentiate them from competition
    • partnered with experienced manufacturers for technology, engineering, procurement and construction
  • Environmentally safe and low cost – carbon capture, zero-emission, no waste, and non-burn process
    • unlike current Fischer-Tropsch based GTL technologies, E-Beam technology is an environmentally safe process with modest capital investment requirements
  • Feedstock
    • methane from a wide variety of sources including agriculture, landfills and flare gases
  • E-Tron process
    • “zero emission” and no waste
    • sustainable method of capturing carbon while maximizing value
    • capacity to generate electricity from hydrogen without emissions
  • E-Tron technology products
    • “no burn” – no combustion,  no CO2 or methane is released in the atmosphere post-transformation
    • highly valued hydrogen plus wide variety of high-value, quality petroleum fuels and petroleum products from hexanes to octane fuels to solvents and higher chain petrochemicals
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Francis Beland

CEO and Co-Founding Partner

Developer of innovative technologies and commodities market that uses plastic wastes as a source of diesel fuel and activated carbon. First activated carbon plant is operational (scrubs emissions more efficiently at a fraction of conventional costs). Previously partner at Deloitte/Monitor Group (Los Angeles), and member of leadership team of Doblin/Monitor Innovation. Monitor is a leading global strategy consulting firm founded by Harvard Business Professor Michael Porter. Vice President at X PRIZE Foundation (Vista, CA), leading innovation projects in several industries including healthcare and clean energy tech. Partner in the legendary Cirque du Soleil Lifestyle/Sid Lee organization and developed the company’s creative lifestyle group by the Cirque du Soleil brand internationally. Executive Director for the Las Vegas Water District and oversaw private and public fundraising / partnerships including the creation of the first LEED certified community multi-use cultural project. Advisor for organizations such as the WHO, WFP, European Commission and the private sectors of healthcare, automotive, biotech, medical devices, governments and energy industries. Previously, innovative advisor to the European Commission, Entrepreneur in Residence for the Food and Drug Administration and recently facilitated a discussion at the White House to develop new innovation pathways in medical technology. Masters of Applied Management and Bachelors of Oceanography and Pure Physics from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

Ashley Day

President and Co-Founding Partner

Over 20 years of experience in the clean technology and sustainability industry. Entrepreneur developing technologies and ventures focused on applying cutting edge technology for sustainable and profitable business solutions. Developed, built and successfully operated the world’s largest waste-to-energy (“WTE”) tires-to-fuel plant in the world, focused on processing used automobile, truck and OTR tires into valuable commodities such as fuel oil, carbon black and steel. Previously, 15 years in executive senior management at TAV Holdings, Inc., one of the first environmental and technical development companies to achieve economically scalable full turnkey solutions for the 100% recycling of metals, plastics and rubber waste streams. Prior to this company, started Vor-Tek Solutions LLC based in California, which developed and patented one of the world’s first integrated high-volume oil spill recovery systems. In 2010, Vor-Tek entered the X-Prize Competition ( sponsored by Shell Oil and Google, and placed in the top 3 by setting new records in oil spill recovery and efficiency rates in this industry in over 40 years and was featured in the 2012 documentary “Spill Busters” that won accolades in the Blue Ocean Film festival in Florida and Hong Kong. Played professional basketball for a number of years before embarking in entrepreneurial endeavors. Attended San Jose State University and the University of Denver.


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