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Energy Production


$221.8 Million

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Reg D

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Seeking $221.8M (debt and/or equity) to develop a Waste-to-Diesel project in TN

Centerpiece technology is core fuel conversion system developed by PPI incorporating high temperature catalytic pyrolysis protected by a family of IP

Targeted feedstock is approximately 96,000 tons per year of MSW-derived engineered fuel produced by existing facilities in Berkeley County, SC and Montgomery, AL under 25-year municipal waste supply contracts

SC and AL facilities each consist of a mixed material processing facility designed, engineered, and supplied by one entity, and a fuel processing and conditioning system designed, engineered and supplied by another entity, both of whom are company consortium members.



Each project addresses several different global markets/needs:

The growing market for renewable diesel fuel, as the world’s governments and energy producers move away from fossil-based fuels and as the markets for oil and gas face disruption and instability

Expanding global demand for graphene

Climate action plans adopted by national and local governments around the globe to reduce carbon emissions and the regulatory support available to implement effective strategies to offset carbon

Fluctuations and constrictions in the markets for recyclable materials

The global landfill crisis, and plans adopted by national and local governments around the globe to reduce the amount of solid waste headed into landfills, and divert less of their valuable land resources for waste disposal

The growing market for carbon credits available to projects or facilities that reduce, offset or eliminate carbon emissions.


This project responds to each of these global markets and governmental and industry needs by:

Producing substantial and consistent quantities of renewable diesel fuel, certified as meeting EN-590 standards under the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, for sale under a long-term (10-year) offtake agreement, for export to the European market

Producing substantial and consistent quantities of biochar for conversion to graphene and sale to pre-identified offtakers

Based upon internal calculations performed by company, providing a project that, as a whole, will have a CI score of -164 gco2e/mj and will result in a net reduction in carbon emissions of -240,000 mtco2e/yr, based primarily upon the diversion of waste from landfills and the replacement of fossil-derived fuel with renewable diesel fuel

Continually calibrating its front-end materials recovery system to extract only those recyclable materials that currently have viable market outlets

Reducing the amount of residue materials going into the relevant landfills by up to 65% of the total waste stream, thus extending the useful life of the landfills by 2X years or more over existing lifetime

Generating substantial carbon credits for sale into evolving global markets

Providing substantial sources of low carbon biogenic sourced energy.

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