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Members Only Flight Club


$35 Million

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Gary Levy

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EFC is seeking $35 million to launch its members-only US subscription-based private jet travel service​ 

​EFC members fly out of secure, private terminals (FBOs), avoiding the hassle of commercial terminals and long TSA security lines

Members fly in spacious Airbus A319 cabins retrofitted to 28 passengers (as opposed to 156 passengers), each with a NextGen lie flat Suite, sharing a spacious onboard lounge
Members fly at 30%-50% less than the cost of competing private/corporate aviation products (i.e., Jet Card and App Share programs) for the same route
Members fly in spacious Airbus A319 cabins limited to 28 NextGen Suites and a spacious onboard lounge
Innovative business model is designed to minimize operating costs and maximize individual aircraft revenue
EFC will initially serve the lucrative NYC-LA route

EFC will act as an indirect air carrier under US-DOT 14 CFR Part 380. The Aircraft will be operated by one or more duly licensed US Part 121 air carriers.


The domestic transcontinental market represents one of the most profitable aviation markets in the US​
Private/corporate aviation products are too expensive and lack capacity, while​
Commercial aviation products are lacking in service, comfort, efficiency and privacy ​
Thus, EFC brings a new value proposition to the US aviation/ transportation industry​


The EFC Exclusive Experience


Aircraft in a class of their own


EFC will fly exclusively A319 aircraft, which it will dry lease and specially customize the interior.

FBO Partners – Comfort & Convenience for departures and arrivals




Jeff Ervine – Founder

  • Family business – aviation supply for 60 years
  • CPA, MBA Columbia Business School
  • Deloitte – LBO structuring and tax expertise
  • Wall Street – 15 years (Investment Banking/Hedge Funds/PE)
  • Owned Goderich Aircraft in Western Ontario
    • Airport, 145 repair station and conversion facility (125 employees)
    • Sold Goderich Aircraft to a Chinese transportation company
  • Built Positive-only Social Network for 50,000+ student users
    • Native Apps designed to promote and facilitate student connectedness through positive affirmations and Acts of Kindness.

Yves Lavigne – Founder

  • 20 years managing Airbus Assets (A319, A320, A340s)
  • Managed freighter Aircraft fleet at SWISSAIR and set up SWISS new Fleet (Plan Phoenix)
  • Regio Lease: Founder. Airworthiness, Asset Management, Aircraft Asset Transition and Airline set up (support L’AVION.COM: lease, retrofit, asset management of 757 All Business retrofit Fleet. First Long All Business Low-Cost Airline: Paris-NYC. L’AVION was sold to British Airways)
  • Recovery and management of Libyan Airbus Fleet: Airline and Government
    • French government assigned
    • Managed A340 VVIP 5A-ONE: Former Gaddafi presidential A340 (recovery, return to service, management, operations)
  • Lecturing Air Law at ENAC (Toulouse)
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