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$15 Million

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EUCAST Global is seeking $15 million to launch wireless telecom services in commercial, communities and  rural areas. Designs and engineers 4G/5G telecommunication and software and provides private network  solutions.

Multiple applications in military, oil & gas, education, telehealth, smart cities, and emergency/first  responders

Uses free CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum) 4G/5G to create fast, customizable, and easily  deployable private networks with low latency and high security

Launching solutions for 5G base station market with commercialization targeted for Q4 2023 and 5G  drone and digital twin solutions Q2 2024

US Government is focused on infrastructure and digital equity with over $65 billion in funding

EUCAST Global is an affiliate of Eucast Co., Ltd with operations in Seoul, Korea. Eucast Co., Ltd has  become a leading Asian wireless carrier with sales to Hitachi, Japanese prefectural governments,  Korea’s emergency disaster SafeNet, SK Telecom and Korean Railway


According to the FCC, nearly 17 million school children lack home internet access

According to the Pew Research Center, 44% of adults in households with incomes below $30,000 lack internet

30 billion SF of commercial floor space has poor mobile coverage

The North American LTE base station market is expected to reach $65.5 billion by 2023

Cellular networks are expensive and complex to deploy, require significant infrastructure, high operation costs, significant recurring carrier fees and maintenance


Market and sell CBRS 4G/5G private network systems

EUCAST wireless network requires less capital investment, less labor, and less infrastructure than traditional big carriers to create a customizable private network

Can provide network access for large rural areas with low to no coverage or in small, high-density, high traffic urban areas

Developed and engineered a commercial grade digital twin software with customers including HDC Labs, a subsidiary of Hyundai, and the Korean Air Force

Commercialization targeted for 5G base station Q4 2023 and 5g drone and digital twin solutions Q2 2024

The Team



Jaehyeong Kim, Founder, President & CEO

  • 30+ years experience of core technology R&D, technical strategy, and business development in mobile wireless technology industry
  • Started career at Bell laboratories, Lucent Technologies, NJ, USA
  • Served as a board member of Korea Communications Agency, a Korean government organization, from 2014 to 2016



Gary Sumihiro, Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary & Treasurer

  • Progressed from attorney, General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer, President and member of the Board of Directors of large  public and private corporations
  • Startup experience from product and service introductions to national/international  business launches
  • 25+ years of experience in over 30+ countries



Betsy Markey, Board of Directors

  • 30+ years leadership experience in government & private sector
  • Served as a Member of Congress, a senior federal government executive, and co-founder and CFO of high-tech company
  • Most recently served as the Executive Director of the Colorado




Chris Medina, Board of Directors

  • Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of San Francisco based software company Clovity, Inc., a proprietary software  company that provides enterprise  solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)  software space
  • Extensive experience in IT specializing incloud, mobile, marketing technologies,  connectivity, and big data
  • Led Executive Management and R&D innovation organizations for top Fortune 100 – 500 companies

Hanan Levin, Chief Financial Officer

  • Skilled in Impact Investing, Financial management, Capital Markets, and Global Finance, with national and international corporations
  • Provides expertise in building financial organizational structure for high growth companies
  • Analyzes and executes optimal capital structure for fundraising, funding alternatives and capital market issuance
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