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Venture Capital Investment fund seeking to raise $105 million to increase its investments in early-stage global businesses and SMEs. Advised by a group of highly skilled professionals; shareholder and investment manager, a multinational asset manager with 1.2 billion EUR under management

Investment proposition: venture capital with a collective investment scheme. Seeks opportunistic off-market deals. Operating in a licensed and heavily regulated environment

Focus areas include: biotechnology, medical technologies, sports technology innovations, information security, supply chain, transportation and communications.


Opportunistic off-market deals (VC, pre-IPO, minority growth capital)

Seeking attractive returns on investment to outperform other asset classes

Open-ended structure with a minimum holding period of three years

Socially responsible investing

Management team makes substantial investments in each transaction


The objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate income and achieve long-term capital growth

Will invest directly, or indirectly, through Special Purpose Vehicles, in non-listed securities of companies operating predominantly throughout Europe, Canada and Australia

The sectors to be considered by the Investment Manager include target companies which are participating, active and/or engaged in information technology with specific focus on biotechnology, health-tech, food-tech, mobility-tech, information security, supply-chain tech and data mining. The Investment Manager may consider taking either a majority or a minority stake in the target companies (irrespective of balance sheet size).

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