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  • Medical device company with first product generating $1.2 million in sales and cash positive
  • $1 million of $2 million financing committed including $500,000 from management
  • Second product’s 510k filed with FDA and addresses $3.6 billion ICU sedation market
  • Awarded $1.1 million in grants from NIH & US army
  • Awarded $500,000 as runner up at 43 north, largest business plan competition in world
  • Management team has experience of >20 successful device and drug approvals with FDA, including former head of FDA anesthesia branch as consultant
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  • 1/3rd of ICU patients require mechanical ventilation (i.e. Life Support)
  • Of these patients, 85% receive sedation to stay calm and pain free
  • However, patients develop tolerance to these sedatives within days, requiring higher drug dosing, leading to Longer time on the ventilator and increased side effects
  • Up to 80% of these patients develop delirium after 4+ days
  • Delirium adds $65,000 of cost per case, and 300% higher mortality rate
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  • As compared to IV sedatives, inhaled sedatives are cleared through the lung and not significantly metabolized, thus, do not result in escalating dosing
  • Over 2,000 patients in literature show inhaled sedatives reduced time on the ventilator and improve quality of sedation
  • Germany has become the first country to recommend inhaled sedatives as an alternative to IV sedation
  • First Wave’s CLARITY-IA® provides inhaled benefits without cost and complexity of traditional or anesthesia machine
  • Key KOL’s are committed
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Brian Bell

Founder & CEO


  • Took first product from concept to cash positive
  • Former Sr. Associate with Seed Capital Partners ($80m JP Morgan VC fund), Asst Portfolio Manager with M&T Bank; Research Analyst with PIMCO

Brad Fuhrman, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

  • Physician in Chief at El Paso Children’s and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Texas Tech University
  • Former Director of ICU at Buffalo Children’s inventor of Fuhrman catheter and pioneer of partial liquid ventilation


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