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Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)




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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • FGP Companies (FGP) is raising $500 million of equity to acquire and grow scalable diversity-driven companies with strong management teams
  • Target markets: businesses serving fast-growing ethnic markets; businesses owned by ethnic minorities; businesses geographically located near ethnic minorities
  • FGP refers to these target markets as “American Emerging Markets,” which represent a very attractive investment opportunity due to capital inefficiencies, shifting demographics and increased focus on supplier diversity by Fortune 500 companies
  • FGP expects to work with Fortune 500 companies to identify and invest in proven minority-owned suppliers that need capital to scale and service their blue-chip clients
  • Founded in 2009, FGP has been advising Minority Businesses Enterprises (MBEs) on raising capital, mergers & acquisitions, and advising Fortune 500 companies to increase their supplier diversity efforts
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) have been underserved when it comes to investors/investments
  • MBEs have long faced challenges when getting financing
  • In 2018, only 31% of Black-owned businesses received all the funding they applied for, compared with 49% of white-owned businesses, according to a 2019 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • In particular, Black-owned businesses were more likely to be in industries hit hard by coronavirus-related restrictions, such as retail and hospitality, according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute, a labor-oriented think tank


  • FGP has identified a pipeline of over $1 billion of diversity-driven investment opportunities targeting American Emerging Markets, MBEs serving Fortune 500 companies and general market businesses that FGP can convert to MBEs
  • American Emerging Markets are expected to account for significant growth in the US business landscape
  • Scalable MBEs have historically not had the same access to capital and expertise as the general market
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, ethnic minorities represent 97% of future US population growth, equivalent to 124 of 129 million new Americans between 2010 and 2050
  • Minorities represent an emerging market investment opportunity inside the USA, with no currency or country risk and a long-term, growth engine to any business strategy
  • FGP management believes that scalable MBE investments will generate above average risk adjusted returns
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • MBEs need two things: long-term capital and strategic partnerships
  • Fort Greene Partners is a long-term, values-aligned partner with permanent capital, business building expertise and an extensive network from Wall Street to Main Street to Silicon Valley
  • FGP enables founders, entrepreneurs and leaders to focus on their business strategy, long-term impact, and building exceptional companies
  • FGP avoids the pitfalls of short-termism, cost, inefficiency and distraction of being sold, and missed opportunities to grow the business
  • Senior-level executives in Fortune 500 supply-chain will provide insight and expertise to support FGP’s investment thesis
Helping Great Companies Grow


Richard A. Wayner

Managing Partner/ Founder

  • Former Goldman Sachs M&A banker and CEO of two minority-owned businesses
  • Founded Fort Greene Partners LLC in 2009 to advise minority owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies seeking to expand their supplier diversity efforts
  • Clients have included Beneficial Life, BET/Viacom, FIS Group, Genesis Companies, Goldman Sachs and TIAA-CREF
  • Over 25 years in finance and diversity. Co-Founder and Chairman of Alliance TRACE Media (Netherlands); Co-Founder and CEO of The TRUE Agency; Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co. (M&A, real estate, TMT); original member of the Urban Investment Group (UIG)
  • Member of the French-American Foundation and the Board of Trustees of The Buckley School
  • Graduated from Harvard University (BA, History and Economics, cum laude), Stanford University Graduate School of Business (MBA) and Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris-European Community Program)

Nigel W. Jones

Managing Partner/Founder

  • Former Goldman Sachs and Carlyle Group executive and CEO of a cybersecurity and mobile security company
  • Over 23 years of experience in finance and operations
  • CEO of KoolSpan; Partner, TWJ Capital; former Principal, The Carlyle Group (U.S. Buyout Funds); former Associate, Goldman Sachs & Co. in M&A and original member of the Technology Group
  • Adjunct Director of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (Finance Committee)
  • Graduated from Harvard University (BA, History, magna cum laude) and Stanford University Graduate School of Business (MBA)
  • Served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years active duty and four years in the reserves
  • Graduate of the Marines Combatant Dive School, US Army Airborne School, Honor Grad Marine Communications Officer School and Communications Platoon Leader First Force Reconnaissance Company


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