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Gastrofrit is seeking $24 million of equity to establish sales, marketing and final assembly for providing OLFO (Optimizing Lifetime Frying Oil) deep fryers to restaurants and catering companies in the United States

Swiss, family-run company with over 32 years’ experience in producing and selling deep fryers

Annual opportunity in U.S. for deep-fryer sales is estimated at 120K units

Gastrofrit has an international patent for regenerating frying oil in the nano range with a membrane filter, eliminating the standard 3-day oil disposal costs

Delivers lower operating cost and extended equipment life for same price as current U.S. providers



Tremendous demand in the US for restaurant chains

    • 600K restaurants that use deep fryers (1.2M deep fryers)

Most restaurant chains are designed within a franchise system with central purchasing

    • McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc..

Current franchise deep fryer market is supplied by three American providers

    • FryMaster, PitCo and Henny Penny

Service life of deep-frying oil in deep-fat fryers is limited with oil spoilage and disposal requirementsEstimated 10% of deep fryers are replaced annually (120K fryers)



Gastrofrit has developed an OLFO (optimizing lifetime frying oil) deep fryer – deep frying oil no longer requires disposal

Restaurants will use at least 60-80% less frying oil and increase the life of their deep fryer

Lower operating costs with reduced employee effort for oil disposal, cleaning and manual filtering

Higher productivity through minimal service time due to built-in, fully automatic cleaning system – intelligent and fully automated process control

Gastrofrit deep fryer is priced competitively but delivers cost savings and extended life


Management Team

Alexander Schlegel


Within the Schlegel Group, member of the board of the management.

Responsible for strategy development, control, and  maximizing profits for the individual companies.

Previous positions have included Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director and owner of a restaurant chain.

Three years in the military in Special Operations Command of aircraft detection and airspace defense. 

Trained at the management school  in St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG University of St. Gallen).

This qualification is designed for executives of medium-sized companies in finance, personal management, and operational management.


Andreas Hussy

Deputy Managing Director 

Responsible for sales, purchase, production, and the balance of income and expenditures.

Previously worked as a key account manager – very successful in acquiring new customers and business.

Trained as a sales professional with a federal certificate.

Also involved in politics, as a member of Parliament in his hometown and as President of the local party.


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