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Aging Sciences and Skin Health

Company Type

Venture Capital


$100 Million

Investment Type


The Gore Range Advantage

Company builders and investors in skin health, aging, and wellness innovations

Founded: 2015

Location: New York and Dallas

AUM: $45M

Mission: Provide hands-on capital to early-stage companies with a focus on tackling unmet needs in areas within our area of expertise

  • Premier investors in skin health, aging, and wellness innovations


  • Highly talented investment team with industry, clinical, and investment expertise in skin health and aging


  • Industry Advisory Board consists of world-renowned clinicians and thought leaders


  • Own exclusive ecosystem of top skin health and aging industry experts and entrepreneurs


$1.8 trillion combined market encompassing medical dermatology, aesthetic medicine, healthy aging, and wellness ​

Founded in 2015, based in New York City and Dallas

19 portfolio companies across early-stage healthcare

5 portfolio companies in Fund II currently marked at ~4x, with new investors getting nearly a full look back

Five exits and two liquidity events: BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ: BTAI), Castle Biosciences (NASDAQ: CSTL), Claret Medical (Acquired by Boston Scientific; NYSE: BSX), Conversa Health (Acquired by Amwell; NYSE: AMWL), Paradigm Diagnostics (Acquired by Exact Sciences; NASDAQ: EXAS), Medikly, and Rhamnopharma

Strategic partnership with LEO Pharma to invest in medical dermatology innovations

Investment Thesis

Our Focus

Frontier innovations in the areas of skin health, aging, and wellness innovations


Why This?

The skin is our largest organ and skin health lies at the intersection of a wide range of diseases and health conditions including inflammatory, autoimmune, infectious diseases, microbiome dysbiosis, mental health, healthy aging, and overall wellness


Why Us?

Experts in skin health and aging innovations with exclusive access to ecosystem and network of renowned skin health and aging thought leaders, key skin health organizations, and industry leaders


Investment Opportunity

Expansive market with growing demand and continuous innovation

  • 6 of the 20 best selling drugs in 2021 address skin health and aging indications
  • Represents approximately $70B of gross annual sales


  • Expanding aging population and lengthening lifespans are prompting investments to optimize healthy aging
  • New findings on comorbidities of chronic, inflammatory, and autoimmune skin diseases
  • Environmental change adversely affecting skin and aging
  • Interest in aesthetic enhancements and preventative solutions by younger generations
  • Significant unmet needs in rare diseases

Size of the anti-aging market worldwide from 2020 to 2026 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Source: Size of the anti-aging market worldwide 2020 | Statista

Investment Opportunity

Capital efficient businesses with short holding periods

    • Cash pay component and increase in discretionary spending related to aesthetic medicine and other skin health conditions increases capital efficiency


Investing in technologies with relatively cheaper and faster regulatory pathways

Facilitating medical reimbursement pathways and FDA approval through our network

Initiating discussions with strategic partners and acquirers

Investment Strategy

Fundamental development and de-risking of our portfolio companies


Invest early at a reasonable valuation and work with the company to significantly increase value



Focus our investments in highly specialized areas where we have the expertise and networks to favorably impact the outcome of the company


Invest in capital efficient businesses led by well-established managers with proven track record of success


Monetize our value-add both directly through equity grants from the company and indirectly by helping our investments achieve crucial milestones



Investment Process

Aggressive deal sourcing and thorough scientific due diligence process    

Gore Range Team

Founded by experienced healthcare investors and operators

Ethan Rigel| Managing Partner

  • 2x Founder with a total of $1B+ in exits
  • Invested in more than 60 companies with enterprise value over $5B+
  • Board member and advisor to DermX Media Group, largest for-profit skin health, aesthetic medicine, and anti aging medical education business
  • Board member of Ornovi, CoreMedica, Or-Genix, Platform Imaging and xMD

Humberto Antunes | Partner

  • Former CEO and Chairman of Galderma/Nestlé Skin Health
  • Co-Founder of Nestlé Skin Health valued at CHF10.2B
  • Only non-dermatologist to formally serve in a leadership role on a committee of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Led the acquisition of Q Med in the Stockholm Stock Market
  • Led the globalization of Cetaphil®, Differin®, Restylane®, Dysport®, Oracea®, Soolantra®, Proactiv®
  • Board of director, American Skin Association
  • Board member of Novaestiq, Or-Genix and observer of Ornovi
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